My back is stiff today


I didn’t have anything set out for dinner or a real plan but we did have a lot of leftovers. I looked through the Tupperware in the fridge and found.

A lot of pork roast
a steak
steamed rice
cheesy pasta w/ beans chicken

I’d be eating this stuff for lunch for days if I didn’t use it up so I got the pasta and warmed it up and added some milk and cheese to it.

I cut up the pork roast and put it in a skillet with BBQ sauce and stired it up. Then I added in rice, egg, celery, pineapple, corn, and soy sauce. I mixed it all up and stir fried it a while. I had no green veggies so quickly steamed some spinach and when Heath and Peanut got home we ate. Everything was pretty good and didn’t seem like leftovers at all.

After dinner I rushed outside as there is still a bit of a limit on daylight. Heath and Peanut cleaned up the kitchen, practiced drawing “O”s and then got out the Easter decorations and spread them around the house. Peanut has his own little table of decorations he was pretty excited about. I didn’t get a picture of it though.

Eventually Peanut joined me outside. I was working on my little storage/work area in the front yard.


It has my truck in it, 2 pontoons, sides for a pontoon boat, a bunch of firewood, scrap metal, modified boat trailer, jugs of used motor oil, and more. I want to add Grandma Natty and a whole bunch of firewood. So I tossed the pontoons on the new trailer and all the aluminum scrap and got all that stuff out of the way. Then I started moving firewood. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And moving firewood.

All the logs in the front yard made up this first row and all I had left was big chunks and rounds yet to be split. I had a lot more wood in the backyard and wanted it out of the way as I expect time on the porch to increase soon. So i broke out the wheelbarrow, and Peanut broke out his and we started moving it up.


After a bunch of trips with my wheelbarrow loaded up and a few trips with Peanut’s loaded we got all the backyard wood moved up.

Then I got all the big chunks and rounds put into the pile and it turned out looking good and not taking up much usable space. I decided to wait till the sun came back up to take a picture and then forgot this morning so…

Peanut and I headed in to check out the decorations and get dessert. He really wanted this

but Heath and I wanted something more fun. We suggested this

But we could not convince Peanut that it would be better and more fun so he split the peanut butter cup with Heath and then we played a round of Mario Cart.

Peanut got on his pajamas and brushed his teeth and said good night to the mice and went to bed. I rushed to the basement to make 2 small cuts on the shelves downstairs before he was asleep.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I cut the left edge off the top shelf and the bottom shelf to make it match the rest of them.


So now they are all like this


In the morning I painted the edge I cut and decided the shelves were done. They need trim like everything else down there and some holes in the edges for the cords to go through but for the most part they are done.

I headed to Jon and Amanda’s at 8:30 and Jon and I walked 2 doors down to the bar for $1 domestic draws.

We got a table and laughed at the old drunk guys and talked about boats and firewood and gardening and all sorts of other random things. We each dropped a couple bucks in beers and tips and then headed home.

All the firewood moving and beer got me hungry so I made a big peanut butter banana sandwich and went to bed.


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