24 Night with a new dish and leftover basement stuff

Before I get into last nights 24 viewing and dinner I have some more basement work from the weekend to update you on. First, here are the fish in their new home. All 4 of them were out swimming around so I got a picture. I hope the water clears up soon.


Here is the refrigerator and the trim around it.

This trim along the top of the wall here is just to hide the cables to the tv. Ohh look you can see some peaking out above the TV.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This morning I got our extra trim painted and a coat on the underside of our top shelf. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Also I unpacked and checked out the new lights that will replace both of these guys. I was not sure they would work good when we bought them but after holding them up I think they will be really cool.


I tried out a new cooking project last night, Corned Beef.

I have eaten it once or twice for St. Patts day but never cooked it before. Heath and I picked one up right around STP for cheep and then ate pancakes instead. Since it was pretty new to me I followed the directions on the package for the most part and ours turned out a lot like this one above. I didn’t want to do the traditional cabbage and potatoes and carrots with it so instead I made some pasta stuff and a fresh broccoli carrot mixture and some biscuits.

It was really nice out so Heath and I went for a walk while it was cooking. We headed down to the public school a few blocks over to find out about their kindergarten. We briefly talked to the principle and got her number to call and set up a real tour.

Once home I finished getting dinner ready just before it was done Mom and Mike showed up. We did a quick basement progress tour then sat down in front of the tv to watch 24 and eat. We watched 1/2 of the previous episode then I filled everyone in on the rest of it and we watched last nights show. Almost all the food got eaten. The corned beef was kind of fatty and salty but pretty good.  I packed up 1 biscuit and a couple spoon fulls of noodles for today’s leftovers.

After dinner was eaten, brownies were eaten and 24 was watched we got to talking about my sister Carri.

Mom told us all about her adventures taking Carri to the Monastery in New Jersey. She had pictures of their adventures in New York on the way and stories about all the cool things they did and saw on the trip. Mom also had a letter from Carri saying she was doing pretty good.

It was after 10 before we were all caught up and everyone was ready for bed. They headed out and Heath and I went to bed.


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  1. thePrewitt says:

    The one we were going to print out real big to cover the deer window? We are thinking about something like this

    Printed at 30x20inches. (the margin’s are much better on the real one) I’m not sure about the text at the bottom. Do you guys have any better ideas? We are thinking about posters like this  called sucessories.

    What would be a good saying under our pictures?

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