Hope Carri had a happy Birthday Yesterday

I took some basement update pictures because I had not taken any other pics last night


so check out what the basement is like now.

While we are on the basement I’ll give you a little update and whats left update.

I got 2 sets of new lights up in the bar and you remember the trim. I am going to hold off on painting the walls and putting on new laminate counter top and building the wine rack. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I’d like to find some time to stain the new trim to match the old trim soon.

Heath and I ordered a bunch of speaker wire and audio and video connectors and they should arive next week. At that point I can put up all the speakers and get all the a/v stuff set up perfectly and hide it behind the trim. We also ordered two pictures from Walmart. One of these will cover the deer picture. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The new remote is partially set up and most of the electronics are working. The computer desk setup is working fine. I’m not going to build a cabinet to squeeze in next to it yet. I am going to keep an eye out for one that will fit there at restore and probably put a slightly nicer temporary leg in there until the cabinet is made.

You can see the carpet is kinda in there. We really like the carpet but it was free and is a weird shape.

Sometime in the next few days we will be siliconeing all our joints and filling all the nail holes on all the trim and then doing some touch up painting.

So last night after work we all drove out to deep Olathe to meet up with Julie

(blue shirt on right with bun in oven)

and her husband and baby (baby was bun at our wedding).

They had recently moved to a new house and had a baby so we had lots of catching up. The new house had a nice playground area for Peanut and a fun little dog. I mostly hung out in the back yard screwing around and playing “tagYourIt” with Peanut.

Julie cooked us up an awesome lasagna with Italian sausage instead of ground beef and we chowed down on the deck in the nice sun.

After dinner Peanut and I headed home but on the way stopped for gas, keys, a punch, eggs, milk, and tortillas. Once home we rushed to make brownies for Peanut’s Easter party today but found no brownie mix.

Heath had gone to Target for the Easter bunny so I called her to get some mix on her way. Peanut put on his pajamas and we played 3 races in Mario Cart then he got ready for bed. Heath made brownies and put things in plastic eggs. I headed downstairs and tried out my new punch.


I felt around for any nails that were breaking the surface and then tapped them in a little farther so I can make it smooth.

This did not take long and there were not as many nails as I expected to tap. So I worked on dishes and went to bed early. Heath finished helping the bunny shortly after me.



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