A good Easter weekend

Peanut was not with us this weekend and we have a long to do list so we tried to get some stuff done around the house. I worked on my wood pile some cutting logs into rounds and splitting for brief periods.

I got a bed full of more big logs from Heath’s Mom’s backyard.

They don’t look like it from this angle but there are some really big rounds in there. Some random neighbor told me the biggest ones weighed about 400lbs but that seems like a lot to me. The Frontier had no problem holding all the wood but it did not enjoy the weight. Everything was really bouncy on the way home and tire scraped on the step up bar on big bumps.

Also I put some time in on the star wars game and passed a few of the 160 levels.

I even got Heath to come downstairs and help me out a bunch.

We tag teamed the floor trim and got it all up Friday night. Heath also siliconed all the cracks at joints of trim and molding and it made things look much better.


I put some putty stuff in any nail holes and touch up painted over all them and eventually over all Heath’s silicone and any other spots that needed some touching up. I sanded and stained all the wood around the bar. You can see a pre stain shot in the above right picture but I have not taken an after shot as I just got the clear coat down this morning. I got all the outlet and switch plates back on, even this custom one.


more pics of the basement work are here

Besides working on home stuff we had Easter dinner at Heath’s moms on Saturday afternoon/evening and at my moms on Sunday morning/afternoon. Both were great big ham dinners with lots of sides and a good time. At Heath’s I got to play with the chain saw a bunch and load up the new truck and at my Mom’s I got to look at a bunch of old photographs.

Saturday Jon and Amanda stopped by briefly before taking a canoe to the Missouri river for a little boat trip. It was exciting to see the canoes getting out for the first time this year and to show off Jon’s Bronco changes.

That’s right, she is topless. Jon has no intention of ever putting the top back on but possibly building some wood thing behind the cab in winter.

While we got the canoe and life jackets and paddles Berry was screwing around in the front yard and I heard in chewing on some squeaky toy. Heath came out and discovered it was not a toy but something more exciting.

She and Amanda spent a while rescueing at least 5 baby bunnies.

Berry had not hurt any of them and the girls chop sticked them back to their little nest/hole.

I think that is about everything from the weekend. I have a feeling it is going to be a busy week as we near the end of the basement and begining of spring.

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  1. The Mrs. says:

    They were so cute too!!!

  2. thePrewitt says:

    hot off the grill

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