getting closer to the end


I was hungry when I got home and we still had lots of Easter leftovers so I stuck cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole and ham in a big pan, all separated and slowly heated it up. I opened a can of jumbo biscuits and then did the dishes while waiting on Heath. When she got home I stuck the biscuits in the oven and played some Lego Star Wars while waiting for them. When dinner was ready we turned off the wii and watched last weeks 24 while eating. It was very good but we have had ham for too many meals in a row.

After 24 we cleaned up our stuff then headed downstairs. We had our list and knew what we needed to do so split up and got busy. Heath spent a lot of time touch up painting.

She carefully worked her way around the room fixing all the scratches and other imperfections on the paint job. It looks so much better and was hard work but is not something you can really photograph. I got busy on the top shelf and the lights on it.


I drilled some new holes and routed the cords around and eventually got it looking like thisOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Later on Heath traced that top board with a silicone bead and it looks really good. Even though it is too high for anyone to really see (besides Ben).

I never took a picture of it but I insulated around the TV so warm air in the fun side of the basement would not leak thorough as easilly to the storage side of the basement and while over there I cleaned out the last of the junk behind the new wall and drug in my old TV stand for a fish tank supply shelf.

hopefully smugmug will rotate this picture before too long.

Heath put the pretty underwater screen back on the back of the fish tank. We had taken it off hoping that the area behind the tank would not be visible through it but that was not the case.

Ohh yeah remember this bar trim.


It looks like this now.

I spent a lot of time messing with the speakers and stereo trying to figure out where to possition 5 speakers in such an odd shaped room and never got a great plan but I think I’m getting closer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Heath and I took a quick break to run to the store for green tape, milk, eggs, and ice cream. then came home and got after the bar wall.


The new lights are smaller then the old lights and we have a bare spot. We decided to try out an expirimental stripe idea. We put 2 carefully measured strips of tape down the wall. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Then filled them in with paint. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We started out with just one 10 inch stripe but I think we will add more and have 10inch cream, 10inch blue running down the wall. Or if it looks bad an all blue bar wall.

We got 1 coat up on it last night and then I did the second this morning and added silicone to our crown above the beam. While the paint was drying we called it a night and ate coffee ice cream on the couch while watching Breaking Bad. Then headed to bed.


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    Things are looking good down there!

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