Meet the Team

Kansas City’s Red Bridge YMCA’s 3-4yr old Bitty League in the red jerseys, MISSOURI

They are tough, mean, fast, smart, rarely start crying after plays, rarely stop running at the end of the field and ready for some competition.

After work I headed strait to the DMV. My new truck needed tags and my time was running out so I went. I picked the one in Raytown again. It is somewhat between my office and home and I had such good luck there last time I gave it a shot. The parking lot was pretty full and they closed at 5 so I was kinda worried when I showed up. The line I needed to be in had only 1 person in it and a bunch of tellers so I had a tiny wait and then I was up. It took the lady a little while to fill everything out then I signed and payed a chuck of money for taxes and stuff and was on my way barely home later then normal.

I headed strait to the basement, changed and got busy, Heath came home and we talked about jogging to Peanut’s practice but she wanted a power nap first. I worked on the basement till it was time to run, she was fast asleep so I worked some more and woke her at the last minute to drive there. As you saw at the top it was team photo night. This caused a little confusion and chaos as the teams took their turns. Our coach was ready to play so after some brief pulling the flag drills we moved on to a scrimmage.

Peanut started out as Quarter Back calling the cadence, taking the snap and handing off.

Yeah! video:

This worked pretty good for the offense other then the running back not staying in bounds.Then they rotated around a bit and Peanut got set up as running back. The coach goes around and tells each player what to do and what is going on and is not real private about it.

So the defense knew and were waiting for Peanut. Luckily the quarter back got confused or knew the hand off was a bad idea.

Peanut’s side ran the same play again moments later and was quicker about things for a great down. Peanut was inches from the goal line when they brought him down.

After our team’s scrimmage with ourselves and pictures we had a mini scrimmage with the blue team. I think they were called the Royals. This was pretty cool to watch but tough for the coaches to keep all 10 players on the field paying attention and the parents to keep the other 10 players off the field and watching so they know what to do. I think someone cried at the end of each play. 90% of the time it was 1 kid on the other team. He let out an impressive scream anytime his flag was taken or he was not able to take the flag off our team.

I’m not sure what team was winning but we both scored a few and stopped a few. The challenges in real games are going to be keeping the right kids on the field, getting them to stop at the end of the end zone or out of bounds line and keeping them in bounds.

We headed home after practice and were ready for dinner. We discussed several options and eventually decided to grill a couple burgers real quick. It was super quick and we had salad and green beans and strawberries on the side.

Then back to the basement. I’ll go ahead and tell you it is really close to done. The to do list is tiny so once we were done for the night last night we got it partially cleaned up and put together. Most of my pictures of the work we did last night are after it was cleaned and everything was done. So look for what I am talking about but also look at the nearly finished surroundings.

I started out working on speakersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This took longer then I expected but looked really good keeping most of the wires hidden behind the wall or crown molding. I put one under each side of the beam facing the couch,

one in the shelf,

one on the back wall to the right of TV2

and one in the ceiling above the bar.


We did some more white touch up paint on the crown silicone and the top shelf and Heath took down all the tape on our bar stripe.

There was lots of little things left to take care of once the speakers were in place and the last of the audio and video stuff was connected and tested. Also there was tons of tools and materials to put away and lots of surfaces to clean up.

We worked through our short term list and got almost all of it done. The items left I can remember are

– cabinet between desk and pillar
– cover pillar so you don’t know it’s there
– real table leg for desk
(I kind of hope all these will be taken care of at once but depends on what I find for that hole)

– framed picture from Wal-Mart over the deer window
-hide the cables in corner above desk and beside desk
-clean the counters in the bar
-mop the floor in the bar
-program the remote to do what we want it to do
-have all ya all over to play and break it in.

Heath and I staid up past my bedtime getting it all set up and then sitting on the couch and soaking it all in. I am ready to go down there to relax and do my working/playing outside for a while.

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  1. TCB says:

    It looks amaging. I can’t wait to see your basement. also, I love watching football videos, It’s funny.

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