The Omaha Zoo Trip

Friday we cheerfully rushed home and got everything all packed in the Vue. Kentaro and Chiaki showed up and after a quick tour of the basement we made sure we had everything and headed out to Lincoln Nebraska. Google Maps said 3hrs 40minutes and I’m not sure how long it took us. We stopped twice on the way out, once so Peanut could pee and once so we could eat some dinner at the Rockport, MO McDonalds. We got to Audry’s apartment

just as it was getting dark. She lived right by the huge capital building.

We took a quick tour of her place then went for a walk as we were tired of sitting around and none of us had been to Lincoln before. We walked by the capital and a few blocks later we were in a great little college town main street area. There were restaurants and bars and little shops lined up for blocks and lots of people walking around. We saw where Audry works and part of the college and then decided to take a break. KK and I headed into a bar for a Natty Light and everyone else got some ice cream around the corner. Then we walked a bit more and headed back. Peanut headed to bed, the girls watched some TV and got ready for bed and KK and I headed back to the bars. They closed at 1am so we had to hurry from 1 bar to the next too see the town before closeing. It was a fun area and we didn’t pay over $2 for a drink. Most places had lines to get in but they moved quick and we were always able to get a drink quick. After last call we walked home and went to bed.

In the morning we showered, I made some pancakes we got our stuff together and took the hour drive to Omaha. There were 6 of us now so I wrode in the back of the Vue, like the trunk part.

It was about noon when we arrived at the zoo.

It had rained a bit overnight and the forcast was calling for rain but it was not raining yet. The Omaha Zoo is awsome, it’s really big and has a lot of indoor exhibits like the Desert Dome.

We saved the dome, the aquarium, the jungle, the butterflies and the other indoor stuff for when the rain started and headed out to see the gorillas, apes, bears and cats first.

Then we rushed over to the aquarium to see the shark feeding show but found out it was going going on today.

I think the aquarium was my favorite building. We touched some crabs then watched a ton on penguins and the giant shark tank was amazing and they had these really cool exhibits too.

Jelly Fish –
Tuna Fish –

The desert dome is also cool, the desert part is just ok but under it is a whole cave setup and a swamp setup and you feel like you are realy outside in a cave or swamp but are really just under a desert.

Peanut was pretty worried in the swamp with all the alligators, crocodiles, beavers and snapping turtles. The jungle building was also awesome. It was deceptively very big.

Our group 1/2 way though the building taken by me up on the first level.

Here they are again with no zoom. This is inside a big building, and that massive tree is fake, pretty crazy.

I think we saw everything, we even rode the tram to get to the last few animals when our legs were tired and we didn’t get out till they were about to close at 5. Once out of the zoo we were ready to sit down, relax and have a nice cold beer.

Well Root beer for Peanut and Heath and a great stout for me from the Upstream Brewing Company in downtown Omaha. We had a good big meal and some beers and really got our strength back. I tried some strange Oatmeal Cookie beer that was as bad as it sounds but everything else was good. After the brewery we were stuffed so walked off some dinner up and down the streets downtown just looking around. It was prom somewhere and lots of fancy dressed high schoolers were walking around. We even found a fun slide in a park.

We headed home after our walk and everyone was pretty beat. We played some dominoes and barrel of monkeys with Peanut then all went to bed. In the morning Audry cooked up eggs and muffins, then we packed up and drove home. Once home KK and Chiaki left and we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up our 2 posters. We were anxious to get them and excited once we unrolled the 30×20 inch monsters.

Take a Look, Poster 1

And Poster 2

They both turned out really good, the quality was excellent and we put them in some new frames and took them downstairs. Poster 1 went in the bar on the back wall and poster two covered up the deer over the window.

We didn’t feel like doing much so Heath read and Peanut and I played lego star wars. I cooked up a big pan of sweet and sour chicken with a ton of vegtables and some really good red sauce. We ate downstairs and watched tv till bedtime.

Of course we took a lot of fun pictures at the zoo (141 total) and I’d recomend checking them out


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  1. Ge-off says:

    I’ve been to the Upstream Brewery.  I don’t remember what beer I had but it was not Oatmeal Cookie.

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