Stuck at Home

I just called in sick and am at home planning out my day. Peanut has pink eye

I just hope he did not catch it from a Monkey at the zoo but caught it from a monkey at the day care.

Peanut’s pink eye caused us to have a fairly uneventful evening. I got home and cooked up dinner and got dinner ready for tonight and cleaned the kitchen and family room and living room and got all our zoo trip stuff unpacked and put away. Heath and Peanut were still not home so I headed to Home Depot and got grass seed and then started the finishing touches on dinner when they got home. The Doctor confirmed the day cares diagnosis of pink eye and they got a $65 bottle of drops to fix him up.

We ate a slow dinner on the couch downstairs and watched some tv. Then we headed to the library to load Peanut up with books to read. We tried to swing by the Waldo pet store for some last minute deals but they were closed. Closed forever.

Once home Peanut took a bath and I headed downstairs and did a little work and a lot of talking on the phone. I came up and helped read Peanut some books then he went to bed and I added 2 little pieces of trim in the basement and started up the mower for the first time this year, just to make sure it would start.

It did on my first pull so I put my stuff away and headed upstairs to watch Breaking Bad with Heath.

Pink eye is contagious for 24hours after taking drops and we got Peanut’s first dose in before 6 so he should be ok to play in the game tonight and not get any kids sick. He feels fine and is running around like normal. If things are slow around here I’ll add a picture of Peanut’s eye and the trim later on.

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  1. The Mrs. says:

    His poor little eye did look like that bottom one in the picture, all red and angry!  But Chris said he did good with the drops this morning, so that hopefully is going well.

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