Nice and Warm Out

It was really nice out last night
So we took advantage

I got home and opened windows, got some music going on the deck, put on shorts and then put together the rest of the meat loaf I had started the day before. I was thinking when Heath and Peanut got home we would go for a walk/bike ride but Peanut had something else in his mind. He came home and told me he wanted to go to the pool. I told him the pools were not open yet. He and Heath suggested our pool so I got it out of the shed for him.

Peanut and Heath filled it up and left it in the sun to warm up the water. Then they worked on some flowers.

Heath had gotten a bunch of seeds and stuff for Earth day at work so she and Peanut planted them. I mixed things up a bit on the meat loaf. I had read about a technique I wanted to try and had thought about another technique I wanted to try. Usually I bake the loaf in the oven in a glass pan. As it cooks the juices and grease cook off and pool up in the sides of the pan. By the time it’s done there is a moat around the loaf. I had read to put slices of bread under the loaf. This helped to soak up the grease and juices and to lift the loaf up out of moat. I also tried cooking the loaf on the grill.

Actually I started it in the oven for a while then moved it to the grill later on. I think I baked it for 30 minutes or so then stuck it on the grill on medium in a metal pan for another 30 minutes. Once on the grill I topped it with sliced onions and mushrooms then drizzled on my home made meatloaf sauce. I grilled asparagus and sweet potato chips for sides. It all turned out pretty good.

Before dinner Tony and Felicia showed up for a quick visit and basement tour so the whole pan sat on the grill a little longer on low and that seemed perfect.

While dinner was cooking we ended up playing in the pool some. At first Peanut and I were just going to dip our heads in

but he surprised me with a little divie

Then we did some running around and falling in.

It was a little cold but fun.

I had seen a little interview thing online and we thought it would be fun to record Peanuts thoughts on some important issues before dinner. The volume is really low so you gota turn it up.

After the interview we ate dinner. We ate everything, all the loaf, asparagus and sweet potatoes. Then Peanut and I put on pajamas while Heath went to the grocery for milk and ice cream. After our pajamas were on we played star wars until our ice cream was ready then we ate and watched some TV until it was Peanuts bed time.

Heath had also gotten a redbox copy of Twilight so once Peanut was in bed we watched it.
Heath has just about read all the books so she was excited to see it.

A couple other things, Peanut’s last game is tonight at 6pm and for the readers who went to high school with me or the huge SNL fans out there Jason Sudeikis

will be at KCUR today for the Walt Bodine Show.



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3 Responses to Nice and Warm Out

  1. Bun Clark says:

    Jason has spent time on the long couch in The’s basement so feel free to cut a piece off and take it home with you.

  2. Ge-off says:

    Chris and Heath, you guys really age well.  I had no clue you were both 98.  

  3. brotherjohn says:

    OK OK! I’ll plant my cereal box seeds with Tia. I get it, don’t rub it in my face. Tongue out

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