Happy Bithday Tony

I don’t mind the rain when I got fresh grass seeds that need watering.

It was a good weekend. Pretty much exactly the weekend Heath and I needed before heading to Seattle. We got a little crazy downtown on Friday night then went into productive mode all day Saturday and Sunday with some good meals tossed in there.

So Friday after work we took little naps and then headed to Tony’s apartment for a little birthday gathering.

Heath, Amanda and I didn’t even get in the door before Tony, Derrick, Jon and Felicia were walking out to get dinner. We all walked down the street to Ted’s Montana Grill. I predictably ordered a Kitchen Sink Burger.

It was 1/2 lbs of beef, cheddar, bacon, ham, egg, grilled onions, tomato lettuce and raw onions on a toasted bun with fries.

It was pretty tasty, cooked a little more then I like them but passed the stream of grease down my arm test. After dinner we headed back to Tony’s for some Frisbee in the apartment and some drinks and just hanging out. Some more of his friends showed and KK, Chiaki and one of their friends joined us.

Then we headed to the Power and Light district for some drinks and excitement. We had a drink in the main area and looked around a bit then ended up at Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar.

The $5 cover and lateness of the night sent KK, Chiaki, Heath, Amanda and a few others home. They had some fun guys playing and did some good songs and Felicia even got Tony on stage for his birthday.

We had several very overpriced drinks and listened to a lot of songs and watched Tony dance and then headed to another bar for a drink then back to Tony’s for a sandwich and bed. Heath picked me up at 9am and we headed to the Kansas Restore and looked but did not find anything we needed. Then we headed home and after drinking a bunch of water I got started on the lawn. It looked like it would rain any minute so I mowed quickly. Then Heath came out and pushed the seed spreader around the yard.I followed her with the rake to further spread the seeds and mix them in with the dirt a little. Then both of us hauled a hay bale around the yard and spread hay over the top of all the seeded areas to help hold in moisture. We did some other straitening up in the yard but it really looked like rain so we didn’t water. We ate some lunch and headed to Price Chopper and Ace for a few things then spent the rest of the day cleaning the house.

We got all the Easter stuff put away, vacuumed everything, beds made, kitchen cleaned etc. etc. We worked out butts off all day then got cleaned up and started on dinner. My aunt, uncle and two cousins were in town from Springfield to visit UMKC and joined us for dinner. We showed off the basement and hung out for a while then grilled up some really tasty chicken and some rice with broccoli, salad, watermelon, and biscuits. We had a nice meal and talk before they needed to start the 3 hr drive home. Then I moved the wii downstairs and we played a bit. KK and Chiaki came over for a quick visit then headed out for their own dinner. Heath and I watched a movie downstairs on Hulu then went to bed.

Sunday we got up between 8 and 9 and started on the day’s project….

The garage:

Between the new table, the new washer, working on the boat and the basement project, the garage had become a disaster.

Heath and I worked hard all morning and part of the afternoon organizing, putting things away, throwing things away and getting things ready for craigslist. We did a little dumpster diving early on and got 2 new shelves to put up. One was this nice cabinet that may find it’s way into the empty spot between the desk and pillar in the basement.

The other was the huge shelf behind it that nearly reaches the ceiling. You can see it better here

and here

So you can see the garage is all organized and in great shape. We did form a craigslist pile down the middle of my side and I hope to give away/sell all that stuff in the next few days.

Once the garage was clean we hauled some stuff to the shed and to the basement and Heath took an impressive truckload of stuff to her mom’s house. While she was gone I got started on moving the spare bedroom / office / scrapbooking arena to the basement. We are making room for a nursery and want to get started on painting and organizing the room early to get it out of the way and because Heath is crazy excited about it.  So I moved the guest bed and work from home setup down to Matt’s old room.

And then the table and desk Heath scrapbooks on

I got rid of a bunch of stuff in the old room and made piles of other stuff for Heath to go through then for me to move down there. The new nursary is a big room and we had a lot of stuff squeezed in there. I was finishing up when Heath got home and after a little demo of the rooms we got started on dinner. I made country potatoes, steemed brockioli and some nice big deer steaks. Heath had been snacking so was not too hungry but I did some serious eating. We spent the rest of the night relaxing, watching TV, showering and geting Heath’s old marine clothes ready for craigslist.

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  1. The Mrs. says:

    Just looking at everything we did makes me tired again!  But it feels good to have gotten it all done!!!

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