Spending some time outside


I hurried home because a craigslist responder wanted to show up at 4:30 to pick up the other washer. Before I got there she called and postponed till 5 or 5:30, so no rush. Heath had a flat of purple flowers from her mom and strawberries from Jon she wanted to plant and I had already dug her out a little bed so she got to planting.
While waiting on my customers I was going to weed and feed the front yard but the grass had already grown pretty high and we were getting ready to leave town so I mowed the lawn again. Then broke out the weed and feed. I hope we get back to find no dandelions and well nourished grass. Heath was working away on the flowers so I moved a printer downstairs and watered our grass seeds in the back yard and cleaned up some stuff.

Heath finished up with the flowers and somehow left out all the strawberries but made a nice looking box. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was after 5:30 with no calls from the craigslist lady so we headed to Jon and Amanda’s house. Jon and I wanted to juggle a soccer ball but it’s not fun with 2 and we could not find a 3rd so instead we drank beers, soaked up the sun, inspected the square foot gardens Jon is working on and talked. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The craigslist lady gave me a call around 6:30 and was ready to look at the washer. I had moved it to the driveway and told her to look at it and if she wanted it stick a $20 in the mailbox. I figured she would either be honest or steal the washer and either way it was out of my driveway. Instead she was really suspicious and thought i was trying to trick her or something. I explained I had cleared my schedule for her from 4:30 on and decided she was not coming. She was too worried about the transaction and didn’t steal my washer for me.

Heath and the Amandas went for a walk to the park and when they got back one Amanda left and Jon’s went for another walk with all us to the Waldo library. After the walk back, Heath and I went home and cooked up a big pan of some mix of refried beans salsa cheese and corn and beef and scooped it up with tortilla chips for dinner. We watched Fringe while eating and I fell asleep breifly durring the show and then went to bed and fell right asleep after it.

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