A quick update from the airport

It’s 5:15am and we have been going since 3am. We should be on our way to Denver in an hour or so. The concert last night was pretty fun. There were 16 people in our box and plenty of beer and soda and some decent food. The food was a little fancy for my tastes but the wings were good. We left the concert early since we had such an early day and when we got to the truck discovered I had left the running lights on and the battery was dead. We were parked on a hill going up slightly with no car in front of us but 1 right behind us.

I called Tony and he was on his way home which is close but he was 30 minutes away. Then I remembered it was a manual and did not need the battery to start if we could get it rolling. I was unable to push it up the hill though. The lady in the car behind us showed up but would not jump us. We tried to push it backwards but the curb was against the tires and the car behind us was too close to get enough speed. Then a bum in the area that had been mumbling and picking up trashed offered to help push. I didn’t think we would be able to but he had some sort of secret bum strength and we pushed it up the hill away and off the curb then ran around to the front and pushed it backwards down the hill, into traffic.

Heath was at the wheel and got it going then let the clutch out and vroom it was running. The bum said alright and quickly scooted away. I was going to give him a few bucks but he was off so fast I didn’t get a chance.

Well everything is on time so far and we should be in Seattle hanging with Pops at 10:30am there time. Peanut is going on little sleep to but bouncing off the walls he is so excited.

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