Sunday Morning update from Seattle

After our morning run Saturday we ate, showered, got dressed and then headed to the farmers market in downtown Olympia, the capitol of Washington.

There was a light rain so we bundled up again and worked our way up and down the stands. They had all the fruits and vegetables that I am used to seeing at the markets in kc but they also had seafood, meat and bakery items.

The kids got donuts and we got some oysters and scallops. Then we wondered around the shoreline looking at shells and boats and jellyfish all the other little prizes along the way.

The rain did not let up so we headed home for a little while then went to a close Mexican place for lunch. We got some massive burritos and margaritas and some other stuff. Peanut started to get pretty tired and cranky so we postponed a fishing trip for a nap. I laid down with Peanut and the girls went for pedicures. Peanut slept till close to dinner time then played with the boys while we got dinner ready.

Pops taught me how to open clams and I tried one raw while we were preparing them.

It was pretty good but a little more salty then I like. Pops loaded up the grill with chicken strips for the kids, scallops wrapped in bacon a big kielbasa sausage and the oysters.

He filled the oysters with cognac and let them simmer in it them we covered them with shredded cheese. Inside he had a pot of boiling crabs and some green beans and tator skins with bacon jalapenos and cheese on them. We had quite a feast

After dinner we headed to a park across the sound from the shore in Olympia where we had been earlier that morning. The kids played on a playground and we hiked down to the water and back then drove through the forest a while. We topped it off with some ice cream at DQ then headed home. Carl fell asleep in the car on the way home and everyone else was not far behind him. Heath Peanut and I watched a bit of tv before going to bed. I read Peanut, Cinderella then we all fell asleep.

This morning Heath and I drove to Tolomie Park a few miles down the road and had a great run.

The woods are crazy thick but we managed to get high enough on the trail to get into some nice sun. After the run we came home and ate breakfast and got cleaned up and ready for the day. The kids are outside playing and we are getting ready to start the day.

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  1. TCB says:

    Oh… Sea foods look so good, especially grilled. I really can’t stop mouth watering.

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