Monday morning update from Seattle

I have baby crabs to show you today

I hope to have big crabs to show you tomorrow

After yesterday’s run at Tolomie park we hung out at home for a while. The boys all rode scooters and shot nerf guns and screwed around outside with the neighbor kids for a while. Then we headed to a park with dozens of waterfalls. Called Tomwater Falls

There is an old closed down brewery next to the falls and lots of pretty falls, streams, flowers and bridges.

The kids had fun running around the path and jumping off the rocks. After we had walked the trail a 1/2 mile down the creek we crossed a bridged then walked back up the other side. At the bottom of the falls was this crazy boat.

The falls are apparently full of big tasty salmon in the fall and there was a little hatchery there and fish ladders up the hard falls.

The kids hung out outside a while longer untill Pops was home from work and it was time for a late lunch.

We headed to a wood fired pizza place with good food but we got bad service. It ate up a lot of time but we still had some nice weather to go to a beach and look for baby crabs.

Last year when we came to this beach every rock we turned over seemed to have crabs under it. This year they were a little harder to find but we still found plenty.

A few minutes before 4 we rushed into the little nature center near the beach that closed at 4 and checked out some star fish, big crabs and other things they had there. The nature center was on a big dock and we walked out on it to look out at the sound for otters or anything.

It was fun to watch the kayakers and the line in the ocean where a freshwater river met the saltwater sea but we did not see any animals.

On the way home we stopped by the wildlife preserve to look for baby geese and ducks.
We saw some little ones but the nice sunny day finaly was overtaken with clouds and it started to rain. We rushed back to the car and house and it was done raining before we got home.

Pops and I had a few beers and he grilled up a huge plate of pork steaks
with some green bean casserole, and wild rice. After dinner we relaxed a bit then Peanut took a shower and the other boys got ready for bed. After his shower Peanut and Pops played some Dominoes.

Then they made some smores in the oven for us and we all went to bed.

This morning I went for a run around the neighborhood while Heath and Peanut were asleep. Pops cooked up big plates of eggs, sausage, bacon, home made bread toast and fried potatoes and we ate once Peanut was awake.

We are getting ready to head to Westport, WA with a pick nick lunch and a trunk full of crab pots to see what we can catch.

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