The Ginormous Woodland Zoo

Rain or Shine

the Seattle zoo is fun
(that is a bald eagle nest next to Peanut and above him on the tree is the eagle)

I skipped my run and we started the day with a big breakfast of french toast. Then we drove an hour or so from Pop’s house to the zoo. It had rained all morning and all the way up and kept raining all day at the zoo. We wore rain gear and took advantage of the zoo being nearly empty of visitors.

The penguins were the highlight and advertised so we made sure to check them out.

They liked to follow Peanut and moved wherever he went.

As the day went on the rain seemed to get heavier and by the end Peanut and I were pretty wet.

There were a lot of bird exhibits at the zoo and usually they are kinda stinky but this zoo was really clean and maybe it was the rain but they did not smell and the bird exhibits were pretty interesting. Peanut got to feed this guy some bird seed on a stick for $1.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because of the rain, the fences and the darkness but the zoo took us all day and there were a lot of really cool animals in really nice exhibits.

It was late afternoon before we left and this got us into some rough traffic. The hour drive took almost 3 to get back. Pops hurried to eat and go to work. We played some, ate some fajitas then headed to Tollmie park to walk the beach. The rain stopped on the way home and the sun came out. We saw a rainbow on the short drive over and knew it was going to be a good trip.

The tide was very in so everything looked nice but we were hoping for it to be very out so we could find sand dollars and things. We walked all the way to the end of the public area and back and Heath and Peanut both filled little pails with rocks and shells and treasures.
Heath did find a few sand dollars. Peanut wore his water shoes so took advantage and got in the cold water.

I got jealous and rolled up my jeans too and took off my boats and socks to walk around with him. It was cold, not cold enough to make my feet numb to the sharp rocks just cold enough to make them tender to the sharp bottom.

We explored till the sun was about to be gone then rushed home and quickly got Peanut showered, dressed in pajamas, read to and in bed. We are trying to get an early start on the day tomorrow.


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