Took the Ferry to downtown Seattle

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Peanut slept like 12 hours last night, so when he finally woke up we were ready to get going. We got him cleaned up, changed and fed quick then drove to Bremerton and got a couple orders of large fries then hopped on the next ferry to downtown Seattle.  We knew the drill from last year so it did not take us long to head to the back of the boat and start feeding the gulls.

On the way out there were lots of hungry gulls and they were pretty nice for the most part swopping in to take fries from our hands. We all fed them a bunch and I got a few videos. Here is Heather feeding her first one on this trip

and here is a long video of me and Peanut

Peanut was too worried to feed them because last year a gull got a little bit of his finger as he took a fry. I think it is an hour boat ride but after feeding the gulls, eating a snack and touring the boat we were almost there.

Once we got off the boat we rushed down the shore a few blocks to the aquarium.

We quickly worked our way through the aquarium checking out all the fish and mammals and whatever else some of that stuff is.

There was some pretty cool stuff but we were in a hurry

We walked several blocks back the other way up the shore when we were done at the aquarium toward the Quest and Safeco stadiums.

The Seattle Mariners played the Texas Rangers at 1:40 and we made it to our nice seats in the warm sun at the beginning of the second inning.

Seats were on sale and so were some good big hot dogs so we ate lunch at the ballpark.

The rain and sun took turns visiting us all day and we were mid lunch when the sun left and the rain came. This was ok though because we got to watch the rolling roof move over the stadium.

The roof was real cool but slow and I think by the time the whole field was covered the rain had stopped and the sun was back but they left the field covered for the rest of the game.

It was a good game and tied until the 10th inning. Peanut had fun cheering ICH – E – ROW

We left in the 10th inning when Seattle started sucking and blowing the game. The 1-1 tie ended in a 7-2 loss. We hurried to the ferry and got tickets and fries and said by to the city.

This ferry was a lot more crowded and we were a little tired so rested most of the ride. The seagulls were either not hungry or afraid of all the people because we really had to work on them to get them to come get some fries.

It was late when we got back home and we picked of some terriaki chicken and sushi on our way home. It was really good so we ate bunches then crashed for the night. This morning I hear a light rain and think I will skip my run. We are going to head to or


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