Goodbye to Seattle and a busy weekend

Peanut was pretty sure it had not been 7 days yet
but it had and so we came home.

Friday was going to be a long day and we knew it so we let Peanut sleep in as long as he could. Heath and I got ready and packed and little piles of our stuff all ready so as soon as Peanut got up we could start our busy day. When he did finally wake at almost 10 we got him dressed and stuck him in the car with an apple and some donuts. We drove 30 minutes to Capitol Forest to the Rock Candy trail head and went for a hike.

Pops was at work so we were happy the trail head was easy to find and right off the highway. The trail worked it’s way up a huge hill and starts off following little streams. This was a lot of fun for Peanut because we had to constantly work our way from one side of the stream to the other.

I think we hiked a mile before turning around and hiking back. (the whole trail was like 14 miles and we did not have time for that)

We were glad to get some exercise and breath some good fresh air before our long day on the plane. We rushed home and took showers and packed the last of our clothes and loaded up the car and then headed to Tolmie beach one last time. This is the beach that is very close and we went to a bunch to look for sand dollars. This time the tide was finally out and we could walk out way farther.

We were still short on time so we quickly worked our way all the way out to the ocean being very careful not to get wet because we were done changing for the day and all our clothes were packed. As we hoped there were live and dead sand dollars of all sizes all over the place.

Heath got together a few dead ones and took them with us. Then we headed to Cabela’s and picked up Pops. Peanut checked out the aquarium and the stuffed animals and of course the toys. Then Pops took us to lunch at Red Robin right by the airport and we loaded up on food. Then Pops dropped us off at the airport.

We had about an hour at the Seattle airport then a couple hour flight to Denver then another hour or so then an hour or so flight to KC and at midnight we got to the Kansas City Airport. We got our baggage and Peanut was pumped to ride the bus to the car again. He stayed awake during all the flights and was getting a bit crabby but we were starved again so we hit up a gas station and Wendy’s for a late dinner. Once home we went to bed as soon as we could.

Saturday almost seemed like a wasted day, we slept in then went to Aldi and got a ton of stuff, then to Sun Fresh, then to Shoe Carnival, then to Wal-Mart, then back to Sun Fresh and it was about dinner time when we got home. We did get some great groceries, 4 pairs of cool new shoes,
mothers day presents and a nice big salmon fillet.

Stephen and Becky came over and we grilled up the fillet with some rice, corn, asparagus, sweet potatoes, bread and strawberries. It was a tasty feast.

Heath and I ended up staying up way to late watching TV in the basement and then I got up early Sunday. I had 15 lbs of turkey and 4lbs of chicken to deep fry.

I had injected the birds the night before and then fried them early Sunday. Everything went really well and they turned out perfect. I really liked the jalapeno butter injection I used on the turkey. The Hawaiian stuff I used on the chicken was just ok. While I was frying Peanut watched cartoons and helped me wrap mothers day presents up for Heath. When she got up they opened them in the driveway. Peanut and I had picked out an assortment of gifts like these styling sunglasses.

Then we hurried to get dressed and our food in the car and headed south to join Heath’s mom for church. After church we went to a big mothers day lunch at her aunts and had the turkey and brisket and fried chicken and a huge table of other things. Heath’s mom didn’t know that the mothers day party was also a surprise birthday party and she went crazy when they brought out the cake and presents.

We spent all afternoon eating and talking before coming home and getting ready for dinner. My mom came over for another mothers day meal of deep fried chicken on fajita salads. It was pretty good and even thought we were stuffed we ended up eating quite a bit more. Peanut and I made rice crispy treats with some peanut butter chocolate cereal for desert. After mom left Peanut hopped in the tub and Heath tried out her new mothers day pajamas and showed off her stuffed pregnant belly.

Once Peanut was clean and in bed it was all over and Heath and I went to sleep shortly after.


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