Congratulations Teams

Team “Heather’s Belly” won the first tournament and “Who’s the Boss” won the second tournament

Yesterday after work Heath and I straitend things up a bit then took a walk. It was really nice out and even kind of hot. After the walk Heath took a nap and I fixed dinner. I made some potatoes and green beans and grilled some BBQ chicken breasts. Heath kept sleeping so I ate and cleaned up then Stephen showed up. We headed downstairs and worked on the remote a bit then Tony and Felicia showed up ready for some tennis.

Mike was right after them and then we played a warm up game. Eventually Jon, Amanda, Stooks and Kevin all showed up and Heath woke up from her nap. We randomly drew teams up and places in a braket then got things started.

We did double elimination and for the most part games were pretty close with a few that were one sided. Teams not playing in that round had drinks, talked and played a little Foosball.

After the first tournament we we just hung out for a little while then drew new teams and added a new rule. The winning team had to take a shot after winning to slow them down for the next game.

The second round seemed to have a few more one sided games but was still exciting and pretty competitive.

After this tournament Stephen left and shortly later Kevin, Mike and Stooks got ready to leave. I put on “The Piano Man” on karaoke and they stayed for that. Of course this turned into a big group sing along. The guys left but we kept playing songs and singing along late into the night.

Eventually Tony almost fell asleep on the couch so he and Felicia headed home and a while later Jon and Amanda did too. Heath and I got to bed early this morning but don’t feel too bad today.

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  1. Brian says:

    Looks like fun!

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