Something kinda like this happened

It was a busy weekend with lots going on. However I didn’t take any pictures until late Sunday and I don’t have those photos so everything I use today is going to be from my old albums or taken off facebook. Don’t worry our cameras are still ok. Heath took a picture much like this one while out on the lake canoeing Sunday and stuck the camera in her sports bra and I have not seen it since.

Friday night we threw a surprise birthday party for Jon. He turned 29. Derrick, KK, Chiaki, Amanda, Tony, Felica, Heath and I all showed up but Jon decided to go camping and did not make it. So it was not much of a birthday party but more of a watch the Royals, play pool and Wii and hang out kind of party. We stayed up way to late but woke up in fairly good shape. Heath and I started on yard work while our overnight guests slept. We got the pond emptied out and cleaned and refilled. When people woke up we headed to Gomers Chicken for breakfast. It was great. Then we got a gathering in our front yard. A bunch of us guys hung out in the sun and kicked a soccer ball around all day. The girls went garage sale shopping but did not find anything good.

Eventually everyone went home and Heath and I hopped in the shower. Just as I was getting ready my sister showed up with a bunch of baby stuff she had scored for us. Once Heath was ready Kelly went home and we headed to a couples shower for my friend Tony from high school.

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We hung out and ate some really tasty BBQ and helped empty the keg and had a good time.

After the beer was gone and many of the older folks there were kinda gone we headed home and I was exhausted so went right to bed. In the morning I did some yard work and got some more seeds and got some of the yard mowed. Once Heath got up and ready to go we went baby shopping.

We drove to a few baby stores and looked at cribs and strollers and monitors and blankets and all the other stuff we will need to get.

This took a while and got me hungry so we headed to Ugly Joe’s for lunch. I got a buffalo sauce burger and Heath got a buffalo sauce chicken sandwich. There was a bartender there that had been in the bar drinking since the night before so that was entertaining. After lunch we hurried home to shower and get dressed and load up the truck.

Then we headed to my cousin Anna’s graduation party.

We snaked and visited a bit but left pretty quick to head to Heath’s brothers graduation party.

This was in Paola so took a while. We had some more cake and did some more visiting and it shut down fairly soon after we got there. We drove over to a nearby lake and took our first canoe voyage of the year. It was super nice out and the small calm lake was a pretty good time.

Then disaster struck.

No really the camera did not fall in the lake. Instead Heather noticed the diamond on her wedding ring was gone.

We carefully searched all over the canoe but no luck. She thought she had seen it before we started canoeing and it was not in the canoe so we are pretty sure it is at the bottom of the lake somewhere.

Kinda bummed we paddeled back to the car and looked in the grass just in case but no luck. On the way home we did some baby shopping but one place closed a few minutes after we got there and another was closed before we showed up. We headed home and unpacked. We were really worn out by this time so just crashed on the couch. We grabbed a frozen pizza and piled extra toppings on it and just ate and watched tv till bed time.

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3 Responses to Something kinda like this happened

  1. Courtney says:

    I’m sorry about your diamond!!  That really sucks.

  2. Brian says:

    Yeah, that really sucks … any kind of warranty or insurance gonna help?

  3. thePrewitt says:

    should be covered

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