A Nice Evening for a Ballgame

We all got new T-shirts honoring the guy behind us

(Disclaimer: That is not the real George Brett Behind us but a bronze statue)

So we all rushed home as quick as we could and packed up some drinks, some snacks, some chairs and some stuff to play with. We decided to take the side streets and avoid rush hour traffic by staying off the highway. This would have been a good idea but two wreaks happened on our way just before we got to them. First some little Honda blew out a back tire and was sitting on it’s front axle with the front wheels bent outward. No police or anybody was around so traffic was kind of rough getting around him. Then like 2 blocks later a firetruck came flying past us in the incoming traffic lane and then whipped across our lanes and parked. Of course all traffic flow stopped and we got stuck in the new parking lot for a while. More firetrucks and police and ambulances came and eventually they got us moving by making everyone do a U turn and go back the wrong way. We eventually saw a crazy wreak with an upside down SUV and lots of destruction.

Eventually we worked our way to the stadium and got in early enough for some fun in the parking lot before it filled up.

It was kind of windy but the Frisbee still worked pretty good, we had juice boxes, diet cranberry soda and beers and tried out some unique snacks. We ate some beef jerky stick ends that Pops had got for us and some fresh pineapple chunks that I had cut up and some raw green beans that I had tossed in a bag with soy sauce and garlic and some macaroni and cheese crackers that were weirdly similar to the real stuff.

Eventually KK and Chiaki showed up and we downed a beer for the road and headed in plenty early to make sure we could get a shirt. Our seats were by 3rd base but we headed for the outfield to check out all the cool new stuff back there.

There were restaurants and bars and lots of kids stuff like a mini golf course,  batting practice and a speed test for running the bases and Peanut’s favorite was the playground but it was so packed we didn’t stay long. Heath’s favorite was the characters dressed up that were fun but terrifying for Peanut

My favorite was getting so close to the fountains. The wind was blowing them towards the crowd and the little mist from them felt really good. If you stood in just the right spot at just the right time you could get hit by a lot more then the mist and get pretty wet.

We had nearly seen everything when they did the anthem and got the game going. We hurried our way through the rest of the new outfield and then walked the long way around to our seats to see the rest of the stadium real quick. We all took our seats and discovered we were on the bottom row on an end right in front of the stairs. We had a pack of lost teenagers walking and standing in front of us clueless about how the letters and numbers on their tickets were related to the letters and numbers on the isles and chairs.

We looked a couple rows back and a little ways over and there was KK and Chiaki with an empty row behind them so we moved and had this view of the game instead.

The game was fun and pretty exciting. Peanut really liked the games on the screen and was super pumped when the catsup bottle beat the mustard and relish in a race. He got good at looking for the batters number and checking it with the number on the screen too. The snacks at the car wore off and KK, Heath and Peanut went to concessions for food. They got a hot dog and a filthy pile of chili cheese fries.

The hot dog was not as big or good as the ones at the Mariners game and cost as much on it’s own as the Seattle dog, chips and drink deal. We ate everything up though and in the 7th Peanut started getting crabby. It was past bed time and showing. At the beginning of the 8th the Royals were down a bit and decided to get Peanut to bed.

He was pretty pissed about this decision and wanted cotton candy instead but he is still pretty easy to carry so he lost. We headed home and got him ready for bed and he was in a better mood once ready for bed in his new Royals T-shirt pajamas.

Heath and I were fairly worn out and it was not too far from our bed time so we got caught up on Breaking Bad then headed to bed.


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6 Responses to A Nice Evening for a Ballgame

  1. Ge-off says:

    The Royals came back and won.  It was really exciting.  I probably would have left too though because I thought they didn’t have a chance.  Did you see any parents fighting in the kids section again, or did they make a seperate section for people from Independence?

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Peanut really likes the fireworks so if we had stayed he could have heard 2 home run fireworks. However we would have had to call in sick today to get him more sleep.

  3. TCB says:

    That was great finish!! Royals came back 9th with back to back homerums. I want to see a game again!!

  4. Brian says:

    … the best I tell you.

  5. thePrewitt says:

    http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp I watched it a couple times this morning

  6. The Mrs. says:

    Were amazing, but my tummy let me know this morning that it did not appreciate only that for dinner.

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