Let the T-Ball Begin

Peanut watched the Royals do it

Now it’s his turn

I rushed home from work and changed then rushed right out to Black and Veatch to pick up Jon. He hopped in the truck we got a couple big macs, fries and teas and headed out to Louisburg.

A mile or so from the highway we came over a hill and caught sight of a big green van. We pulled in the drive, told Heath’s aunt we were there and got busy.


The license plate tag said 06 so it had been sitting in the gravel for a few years. We knew the battery was bad so I had picked one up at Wal-Mart before the trip. We gave it a look over then switched out the battery. We added some oil and some antifreeze and turned the key. It cranked for a few seconds then roared to life. She was very thirsty and we added a lot of water to the anitfreeze. We ended up adding some more oil to it too. We borrowed a compressor and filled up all 4 flat tires plus the low spare.

Jon did some stuff with the radiator to get any air out of it and make sure it would keep cool and we tested all the lights and breaks and steering. Everything seemed strangely fine. The tires held air and all the lights and everything worked. We ran it a while and it never got hot or anything so Jon hopped behind the wheel and followed him in the truck keeping close so no one would notice the old plate and we started the 50ish mile trip home.


Meanwhile my pregnant wife was looking sexy.

She and Peanut had headed out early to Spring Hill for a professional pregnancy photo shoot with her cousin. Peanut had some cousins his age around to play with so as I understand it everyone had some fun.

They left fairly early to hurry home for dinner and then T-ball practice.

Peanut told me they got to run the bases and met lots of fun new friends and he hit the ball on the T really well.

Jon and my trip home went just fine. I had my fingers crossed and really hoped nothing would go wrong on the way and sure enough the trip went fine and the van found it’s new home.

Jon and I had a lot of work to get it to fit in my little gravel area. We moved the boat and moved the pontoons and moved the other trailer and moved a bunch of logs and then picked up some other debris and piles of bark. We put the other trailer and pontoon stuff in the back yard out of the way. We pushed the boat back into the far left corner, piled the logs I am working on into the far right corner then put the truck in front of the boat and parked the van in front of the logs.

Heath and Peanut got home from practice about this time and checked out the new van.

It’s a Ford Econoline from 1995 with 230,000 some odd miles on it. But it does have 4 captain chairs, a couch that folds into a bed and AM/FM Stereo with casette ohh and a TV, VCR, lots of crazy lights and audio jacks all over for different radio or TV in the front verseses back. The motor sounds a little strange but seems to drive fine and I am hoping the noise is just mice carcauses that will work themselves out.

After checking out the van, Peanut and I played some Wii Star Wars then he got ready and headed to bed. He is still pretty excited about his giant Royals T-shirt pajamas and needed to show Jon before Heath took him home.

Then Peanut headed to bed. Heath and hung out a bit and played on the computer then went to bed ourselves. This morning Berry and I tried out the smaller splitting area before getting ready for work.
On the way in this morning I drove the van to a shop close to work for the Missiouri inspection. I should hear by noon if she is road worthy so cross your fingers.

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