Familly Fun Night on the river

All of us have seemed to have an itch to get to the river OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
so what better way to spend Family night

I was so impressed with the spot on the river Jon and I went to on Monday that we headed strait there last night as soon as we could get the canoe and supplies packed and ready to go. We didn’t want to spend all night out there but were hungry so we packed a grill less pick nick dinner. Once at the river we launched the canoe and quickly set 2 limb lines in hope of getting a catfishes interest before it was time to go. The bait was leftover chicken livers from Jon and my trip. They had sat in the driveway for several days and were evil when I opened them, besides the smell they had started to turn from pink brown to brown black. I was not sure if this was good or bad for getting a catfish.

Berry was along for the trip but does not like to be confined to the canoe.

He was swimming before we could get the canoe in the water and then ran around on the side while we put in the limbs. The same snake was sunning on the same log as he was Monday. Once the limbs were set OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe headed upstream. I like this spot because it is so easy to go upstream. We set a fairly slow pace because Berry would wine if he fell behind. He preferred to swim but if he got behind us he would climb on shore and run ahead a ways then jump back in.

Here is a video of him, listen loud in the beginning and you can hear the way he breaths while swimming, sounds like a little tug boat chugging along. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnMb77JP2ow

I was kind of worried about him at first swimming so hard and so far but we stopped after a little way to swim and he did not pant and did not rest but instead started running around the shore to explore so his whimpering was not because he was tired but because he likes to lead the group. Peanut and I were hot and the first time we stopped we were in the water asap.


Peanut was giddy. He just laughed to himself and ran around in the water for a while before we started playing. Our first stop was not that good of a spot, shaded and kind of grassy so we paddled on a ways farther until we found a great gravel bar. We pulled in the canoe and fed our hungry tummys.


We had an odd assortment of things since because we need to go grocery shopping. We had pringles and


raisins and beef sticks and peanuts and granola bars and split some fruit snacks and skittles and ate

some tasty peanut butter and honey (and raisins for me) on wheat sandwiches.

I think Peanut got pretty full and Heath and I were not starving when we were done. We were really hoping we had a catfish on a line at the end and I would fry us up a 2nd dinner when we got home.

While we ate lunch Berry explored the woods around us running up the steep banks and jumping through the tall grass.

After dinner we packed up all the trash and left overs whistled to Berry then paddled on upstream.


We went on for like 10 minutes then turned around and floated downstream. It would have been a quick easy paddle down but instead we just floated along barely paddling but letting the current take us so Berry could keep up and Peanut could paddle with his hands.

One of our hooks was bare with all the bait eaten off and the other looked like it had not been touched but there were no fish on either so we cut them free and took them with us. Getting the canoe back to the truck was a little rough because it was a muddy hill and Berry kept wanting to go back and swim and Peanut wanted to play with some other little dog running around. We eventually got everyone in the truck and the canoe tied down and headed out.

On the way home we decided to get some goldfish and hit up the pet store for fish to feed to our tank and to put in our outside pond. Then I worked on the van getting the burnt out 3rd tail lights out and the old windshield wipers off. Then I took a shower after Peanut and Heath. After we were clean we played some Wii Star Wars because Peanut is obsessed and it was familly night. At 8 we got him in bed and read to then I headed to the auto parts store for new lights and wipers. I got the lights switched out and 1 wiper done but I got the cheep ones and 1 was missing a part so I could not do it. Once I was done with the van Heath and I headed inside and worked over a pan of refried beans, salsa, corn and peppers with a bag of tortillas

while she worked on the computer and I watched My Name is Earl.
All the pictures are up at http://prewitt.smugmug.com/gallery/8291960_LVovh#542959895_tJQYQ

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