Really it was only a 2 day weekend


The weekend got started after work on Friday with me finding the van and getting to work on it. I had gotten the part over lunch break and it was really easy to swap out. The belt was a little tough to put back on but not too bad. I decided to leave my truck there and drive the van home as a test run and a surprise to Heath and Peanut.

Once home I really got busy, marinating chicken, thawing hot dogs, vacuuming, cleaning up the deck, cleaning the kitchen, picking up the family room, cutting up fresh green beans, making a salad and cutting fruit. Heath and Peanut got home from work and shortly later the neighbors across the street came over for dinner. We mostly hung out on the deck. I grilled some chicken and brats and hot dogs. They have a little boy so we started early and finished early so he could get to bed. Peanut had a blast playing with him and showing him around.

Once our neighbors left we loaded up the van and headed towards my truck. We decided to head to Loose Park first and walk the trail and let Peanut ride his bike and play at the playground.

The park was pretty full of people. It was kinda late but still light out and the weather was really nice. We took Berry with us and he helped pull Peanut up the big hills. Luckily for us he never had to go to the bathroom.

Once done at the park we headed home to get Peanut ready for bed. Jon sent me a text after Peanut was in bed and Heath wanted to read her book so I headed to Tommy Farha’s bar to meet up with Jon. We had a few beers and I got ready to go. Jon ordered more beers so I decided to stay and walk home. This eventually led us to working our way south through Waldo checking in on several bars. We met up with one of Jon’s neighbors and he drove us part of the way and had some drinks with us at Flo’s. I only ended up needing to walk from there and got to bed by 3.

At 6am the station called and I helped them over the phone and luckily it was an easy call. Then a few hours later Peanut crawled into bed with us. He bounced and rolled around until I got up and turned the TV on for him. We watched some Star Wars cartoons then Heath made us waffles.
Actually Peanut helped her out at the end and they were really good.
It looked like rain so after breakfast I decided to quickly get the lawn mowed in case it rained for the next week. While I headed out to mow Heath and Peanut got busy painting the nursery.
Heath painted another coat above the line and then she and Peanut worked on the area below the line. It was a little tough for Peanut and he would occasionally get bored and head to his room to have an army guy war.

I got done with all the yard and headed in to help paint right at the end. I like it so much better now that the lines are looking smoother.


Once we were done painting Peanut and I took showers and then loaded up the car while Heath showered. Once everything was ready we headed down to Nevada, MO to visit my Grandma. We had 3 goals, visit with Grandma and take her to dinner since we had not seen her in a while, ask her to embroider a quilt for the baby and get her the supplies she needs to do this and visit with my uncle and his family.
I called around and could not get a hold of anyone down there but luckily my Grandma was free. We hung out in her room a bit then drove 18 miles to El Dorado for this quilt kit.

and a bunch of string for it and some needles. Then we headed to Buzz’s BBQ for dinner. It was not even 5:00 when we arrived but the place was packed and we had a small wait for a table. Then we had a big wait for our food. This gave us more time to talk to Grandma and the food was worth the wait. Heath got the best meal. It was called Peggy Baked potato and was one of those monster baked potato that they had split open and filled with cheese, butter, baked beans, burnt ends and sour cream. We all tried a bite and it was great. My pulled pork was great but I got to try that potato next time.

After dinner we said by to Grandma and took her home then headed out to my uncles farm. I tried calling them again on the way but got no answer and sure enough no people were home but the dogs greeted us and Peanut and Heath played with the ducks and chickens a bit.

We gave up on our 3rd goal and headed home. I think it was right at 8pm when we got home so Peanut put on pajamas and I made us all an ice cream cone and we sat on the couch and watched some dinosaur show and ate our ice cream. At 9 Peanut went to bed and Heath and I watched You, Me and Dupree. Heath was cracking up a lot and I thought it was pretty good. After the movie we watched Man vs Food for a little while but got hungry and had leftover brauts. Then we headed to bed.

Peanut snuck into our bed again and I thought it was early in the morning but it was really the middle of the night. He tossed and turned and wiggled around until 9 or so then he and I snuck out to let Heath get some sleep. We got some potatoes chopped up and then baking and headed downstairs. We played Wii Lego Star wars until Heath got up. Then she played and I put a bunch of ham and chicken on top of my potatoes then 6 eggs on top of that and covered it all with cheese. I baked it a little longer then we turned off the Wii and ate breakfast.

We all got cleaned up quick then headed to church. Peanut and I played tic tac toe for an hour then we headed home to change and head to the River Market Farmers Market.

We walked up and down about every isle first then started to buy stuff. We walked around more and more and bought more and more stuff.
Eventually Heath only had $4 left of her $20 bill and our arms could not carry any more. We ran into my Aunt and Uncle their kids and a cousin and their family eating some BBQ down there and getting some fruit. We visited them, checked out the Corvette show then headed home to unpack our goodies.

Once home we eagerly unpacked all our sacks to reveal our fresh foods.

We quickly got to work cutting up the pineapple and some of the strawberries and blueberries. 1/2 of the berries are in our tummys or in the fridge and the rest we froze. I cut up lemon for our waters and teas and we ate a pear while working on it all.

Then Peanut and I got busy on another food project.
I’ve been wanting to try out making peanut butter for a while and Peanut loves to push buttons so we tried it out. We took a cup and a half of peanuts and put them in the blender with some peanut oil and some honey. The honey was not necessary but we figured it could not hurt. It was a little tough getting the peanuts to stay in the bottom of the blender. The more they got chopped up the more they escaped to the sides. We added a bit more oil and honey and continued to push them into the blades. Eventually the diced peanuts began to get small enough and turned into the paste like stuff we were after. We were excited to test it out so put some on graham crackers.
It was really tasty and somewhere between a normal jar of crunchy and creamy peanut butter. I think we could have been a little more patient and used a little less oil to get it thicker but this stuff was pretty good. After our graham crackers we filled a little jar with the rest and licked the utensils clean.

Then it was time for T-ball practice.

Practice started a little after 4 and the boys ran the bases first then played a fake game kind of. They each took a turn hitting the ball like 3 times.

On the 3rd hit they ran a home run and them moved on to the next boy. When it was not their turn to bat they were in the field playing in the dirt or chasing the ball around.

At the end of practice a dad hit some balls to them then coach talked a bit and we headed home. The whole practice was like 30 minutes. It had started out kinda hot but cooled off. We were going to go to the spray park but decided to check out another playground that had a little pool with it.

Unfortunately the pool was empty but the playground was good and Peanut had fun. Then we headed home and Peanut played in the tub until dinner. I cooked up some mashed potatoes and deer steak and we had fresh green beans and salad and of course fresh fruit, pineapple, strawberries and blue berries. After dinner cleaned up everything good then sat on the couch for a few minutes of cartoons and a cookie. At 8 I left but Heath got Peanut in bed.

I headed to my moms house to help my sisters boyfriend unload a trailer. Just before we got there there was a wreak right in front of her house. So we had to carry stuff from down the street and deal with the police and fire department and all the neighbors there to watch. No one was really hurt but one SUV was destroyed and the bumpers on 2 other cars were dinged. Chris and I both having owned a Ranger were pleased to see the Ford truck had to have gotten smacked pretty good but other then a broken light was in pretty good shape.

Eventually we got it all unloaded and were able to get the trailer out of there. I’m going to store the trailer for a little while so Chris brought it to my house and we unhooked it there. I took a little shower then got ready for bed.

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    good find Geoff. Wonder how long the lunch line would be tomorow?

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