I had a fantastic birthday

I got lucky having a Sunday birthday and so we celebrated all weekend long.

I have a feeling this is going to be a long one so, first I want to catch up on the nursery project since I didn’t have pictures on Friday. The hardest part was taping the walls. Heath and I moved around the room with a measuring tape and level and pencil and of course some painters tape. We made the stripes 10 inches wide.


Then we went around the room painting the flat guacamole walls with semi gloss guacamole stripes every other 10 inches.

We waited 4 hours then put on another coat. Right when that coat was done we moved around the room very carefully removing the tape everywhere.

And once the tape was gone the walls were looking awesome.

I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time in the garage painting the brown wall trim and the white crown molding and as of this morning they are both all done and ready to be put up.

Ok now back to my weekend.

So Friday I was not really better but went to work. At noon my boss said I was too sick still and sent me home. I met Heath and Peanut for lunch at Taco Bueno but was not feeling great and didn’t eat much. Peanut and I went home watched 30 minutes of star wars cartoons and then went to sleep. We slept¬† for like 4 hours and Heath joined in at the end slept a few hours after we got up.

Once awake Peanut and I started dinner then went downstairs for some Star Wars Wii. I had lots of new stuff to show him and we played until Heath got up from her nap. I was feeling a little better and cooked up some chicken and pineapple and vegetables stuff on rice. Jon and Amanda showed up just before dinner so joined us and we talked for a while. After dinner we got out the cards and played some pretty serious games of Go Fish. After cards Jon and Amanda headed home and Peanut went to bed. Heath and I cleaned up a bit then went to bed too.

I got up at 6am and after a bit of getting ready headed to Pittsburg. My sister Kelly got a new job in Kansas City and is moving out of Pittsburg. She gave me a big new rug and I helped haul a Frontier load of her stuff up to Kansas City. I stopped by my moms house on my way up and unloaded the stuff and talked for a bit. We made some birthday plans then I headed home. Heath and Peanut had been at Wal-Mart and got home shortly after me. I did some painting and then we headed to the spray park. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was a perfect day for the spray park and we stayed for quite a while. Peanut brought a bunch of rubber bugs and animals and really thought it was hilarious when the jets turned on and sprayed them into the air.

We stayed as long as time would allow then headed on to the Plaza. Heath ran into Helzberg and Peanut and I circled the block. Heath finally got her wedding ring back after they had it for a month or so. It does look great and she was excited to get it.

Then we headed home and changed clothes and ate some lunch then packed Heath’s purse with snacks and headed to my mom’s house. We picked her up and headed to AMC 30 in Olathe. Mom took us to see t “Up” in 3D. It was pretty good and a nice afternoon in the cool theater.

After the movie it was thundering so we postponed our river trip and hung out at my moms for cake and ice cream and some fun presents. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then we headed home and opened more presents at our house. Luckily my falling apart watch got replaced and a new grill.

Then it was getting late and Peanut got ready for bed. Heath and I watched tv for a while and then went to bed too.

In the morning I got up early and cleaned up and painted and put together my new propane BBQ grill. Once heath and Peanut were up and dressed we headed up to Rivermarket.

We took $10 and a backpack this time. We got a watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, broccoli, honey and bananas. It was Mini Cooper day and there were a bunch of them there and lots of people.

After the market we headed home and quickly changed and packed up the truck then headed to the river. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We took 2 coolers the new grill and a backpack full of supplies and packed them down to the river from our parking spot up by the road. It was probably a 1/2 mile hike. We ended up at the same spot we went with Jon and Amanda a few weeks ago. I was starving and fired up the new grill right away

I cooked lunch up while Heath and Peanut played in the water.


I had leftover bacon from Heath and Peanuts Saturday breakfast so I loaded up the burgers again. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After eating we explored the area and the shallow waters for a while. It was great to cool off and Heath got the baby some vitamin D.


and Peanut and I rode the stream a ways while Berry kept an eye on us.

We probably could have spent the whole day in the water but Peanut had T-ball and I had a dinner to prepare so we headed home. Once home Peanut and Heath rested on the couch. I headed to the kitchen to prepare

“The Monster Meatloaf”

I started off with a bag of stuffing and added

3 kinds of peppers
an onion
a stalk of celery
a couple carrots
bbq sauce
2 cobs of fresh sweet corn sliced off
toasted and sliced up whole wheat bread
1 lbs of ground beef
1 lbs of ground pork sausage
1lbs of ground deer burger
1/2 lbs of sliced up turkey bacon
3 eggs

I had some trouble finding a bowl large enough to mix this in but eventually got it all mixed together good. It was a nice consistency and formed a good loaf. It was bigger then a normal size loaf of bread.

We put additional bread under it to soak up the grease and then put it in the oven. Peanut and Heath went to T-Ball practice and after getting the oven up to temperature and setting the timer I followed them. It was an optional practice and only 4 players showed up. This was ok because they each got to bat and field a bunch. Peanut’s dad didn’t show so I got to help out some.

It was pretty hot and some of the boys were not that motivated so practice only lasted about 30 minutes. Afterwords Peanut and I headed strait home to check on the loaf and Heath went to Price Chopper to get me a few supplies.

While I worked on dinner Peanut played wii. My mom Mike and Kelly were all coming to dinner but running late and we were getting hungry so at 6:30 I took out the loaf and we ate. I had pretty much the ultimate birthday dinner.
fresh broccoli, fresh green beans, fresh watermelon, a cool glass of milk, a nice beer in a frosty mug and 2 big slices of monster meatloaf. It was awesome for my stomach at first then a little painful as I added white cake and peach ice cream later on.

Our guests showed up mid dinner and got after some meat loaf themselves. Then we opened some more presents. Peanut got a stretchy lizard and I got a new hat and soccer ball.

We spent some time playing with the lizard and digesting and relaxing and talking. Then cleaned up a bit and everyone headed home. Peanut got his pajamas on and Heath read to him while I did the dishes. Heath helped me finish up then we got ready for bed. I had ran out of energy mid dinner and fell asleep pretty quick and pretty early.

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    The paint is looking good. That water looked great.

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