Start the week off working around the house

Heath’s first project was the final touches on the brown trim.


It looked good before but with all the little nail holes filled in and painted over it looks great.

Today is one of those days where I am going to mix up my normal chronological style of delivery and sort it by projects. I think this will be easier for both of us. I’m going to start with non project related things like dinner since I’m hungry. For dinner I took Sunday’s shishkabob left overs and  a bunch of extra veggies and stir fried it with a bunch of rice and stuff. It was pretty good and took no time to prepare. During dinner we watched Man Vs Food. (Discover Channel show where a guy goes to different restaurants and tries to eat their special meal like giant steaks or really hot peppers or whatever) This show was in Seattle so we were excited to see it since we go about once a year. We found 3 places we need to go to. First Red Mill Burgers looked and sounded like they had some amazing burgers and onion rings. (yes that’s bacon)

Then he went to a seafood place called Crab Pot where they dump a 5lbs bucket of seafood right on your table and just give you a mallet and last he went to Beth’s Cafe a 24hr breakfast place that has a 12 egg omelet served on a pizza trey and filled with chili and stuff. We are thinking about recreating his show on our own next time we got to Seattle.

Right after work Heath and I went to Home Depot for 4 things and only came home with 5 so that’s pretty good for us. We needed:
white paint  – to paint the dresser and changing table
Dap or glazing – to fill in the nail holes and other crevasses in the trim with
tape measure – was having a tough time finding 2 long enough to measure all the way across the nursery
tomato plant –  I got a hanging tomato planter this weekend and wanted to try it out this season if I could get my hands on a mature plant.

We got all these items and added a pack of C batteries to run the camp radio because the hand crank on it gets old fast. Also Geoff stopped by to borrow some tiling supplies and we talked to him for a while and showed him the nursery progress. At the end of the night I showered and Heath and I went to bed, beat.

OK on to the projects. First I mowed Stephen and Becky’s backyard and took no pictures. Second I got a lot of preparation for crown molding done.
Crown molding is the trim in the corner of the rooms and has some crazy angles. It’s really confusing for my brain and I have only done it once and with Brian’s supervision so I made a lot of test cuts and then some guides to help myself on the real stuff.


So now I have everything I need to make the cuts I just need to keep my brain on track of what cuts go where and what direction to flip the trim and the saw and the blade for each one.


Heath was working on the brown trim touch up during this. I moved the dresser out of the nursery and Heath and I went through all the drawers and moved or tossed our stuff in them. We also did this for the huge desk that was in there. This took forever it seemed. Once the dresser was outside I got out the sanding paper and got to work on it.


Sanding is not as fun as it looks. Once it was sanded Heath wiped it down then put a coat of primer on the dresser.


I took all the knobs off the drawers and she gave them a coat too. We are refurbishing the dresser to match the room better. We also plant to paint this changing table the same color and everything as the dresser. So got it set up in the garage to be painted.


We cleaned out this big metal desk but did not get around to moving it out of the nursery. It’s very large and pretty heavy so I think I’m going to take the legs off before moving it.


It’s pretty nice but we don’t really have a use for it. If you want it let me know and it’s yours. Otherwise I may stash it in the shop till Peanut needs a desk for homework and stuff.

The carpet project was mostly done Sunday but I didn’t mention it and it took some of our time last night so here goes. My sister gave us a huge 16×16 foot piece of carpet. We didn’t know what to do with it. Eventually we decided to cut a section out for the office/spare bedroom downstairs. Heath had this idea to take it to a car wash and clean it. I did this and got it much cleaner but it has been a huge pain ever since. It’s still too big and way heavy esp when wet.


So we have been trying to dry it out ever since. It was almost dry last night hanging on a bunch of folding chairs in the driveway but it started to rain so we rolled it into a ball in the garage.


As I mentioned earlier I got a tomato plant.


It’s pretty late in the season to be starting tomatoes so the selection was not real good. There were lots of little cherry tomatoes but I wanted something I could slice and put on a burger. Then I found this interesting plant. It was new to me but sounded fun.


It’s supposed to grow to like 20oz and be yellow with red stripes. The pictures I have since found online are not nearly as striped but if it tastes good I’m in. The planter is supposed to be for seedlings so I had a little trouble getting it in the hanging deal but eventually did with all stalks and leaves in tact.


I still need to add more dirt and find a better spot then right in front of the front door to hang it.

Here is another project that got started Sunday but I worked on a bit last night.  This one I need some help on so pay attention. We have a clogged floor drain in the basement by the washing machine.


Nothing drains out of it at all. If I pop off the over I have this little bowl with 2 openings. The one in the bottom is supposed to be where things drain. It has that little ping pong ball looking thing at the bottom that moves down when water is on top of it but floats to the top if water starts backing up. This appears to work fine. On the side of the bowl is a big cap over another drain hole. This is usually capped and only used to clean out any clogs and things.


I believe the middle drain goes strait down a few inches then makes a 90 degree turn in the direction of the clean out. The clean out drain gently angles away in that direction. I can run a snake through the clean out and easily feed it 15 feet with out finding any clogs. Also I can open the clean out and run water down it full blast with out clogs but I can not get any water to empty when the clean out is closed. So the clog must be between the clean out and drain.  The sharp turn connecting the clean out and the drain prevents me from getting the snake or anything in there and the ball prevents me from cleaning out by going strait down. What do I do? I tried liquid plumber and it didn’t help. I also tried flushing anything out with water but it does not seem to help either.

The last thing we worked on was also in the basement. I finally got the concrete post covered up next to my shelf.

I got a board for it weeks ago at restore and have had it painted for a while. Heath helped me hold it in place and we added a few screws. I still need to touch up around the screws and put a longer piece of trim along the bottom but otherwise the post is done.


I’m thinking about hitting up the Farmers Market at Bannister and Troost today between 10:30 and 1:30 if anyone wants to join.


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  16. TCB says:

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  17. Bun Clark says:

    We had the same problem with our basement drain.  The bottom/ping pong hole is actually a p-drain and curves right back up to the clean out plug.  Odds are you have a clog in directly under the ping pong ball.  We had no ping pong ball.  I have a special rubbervnozle that attaches to a hose, you place it down a plugged hole and turn the water on, it fills with water and expands to fill the hole then fires water out at high speeds to break up the clog, it works really well.  The nozzle is only a few bucks at Home Depot but you can borrow mine if you want to try it out first.

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