Working on the Boat Night

I can’t say things went well on gettting grandma running


but they went a whole lot better then last time.

Once home from work I got busy right away. Jon was coming over at 6 and I wanted to eat and get after fixing the boat. So beforehand I got some fresh green beans cut up and cooking got some burgers going on the grill and the fry daddy warming up.


I took off the legs on the huge desk and then carted it out side, down to the back and into the basement shop. Heath and I cleaned out the extra bedroom, office, scrapbook room to make room for the carpet.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then I got the old boat motor out of the shed and drug it up next to the boat so Jon and I could start transferring parts and trying to get it running.

Jon showed up minutes before the burgers were ready. I topped them with onions, mushroom and cheese and we tried out some new Aldi Fries called Buffalo Fries.

Jon showed up with a 6er of High Life and the 3 of us had a great meal relaxing on the deck.

Over the next few hours our plans to work on the boat pretty much fell apart. We got into some spirited conversation and there was plenty of beer and cream soda to go around and it was just so nice on the deck as it cooled off and the sun eased down.

We mentioned the boat a few times but never made an effort to begin work on it. It’s hard to have to put back on a motor we took off just a few months ago after ruining a better running motor.

So a few beers after dinner turned into all of the beers we had in the house and the evening got really late in no time.


Jon did help out on a few of my projects though. I discovered he wants a huge metal desk and would be thrilled to take mine so I don’t have to toss it or stash it in the shop and he had a couple ideas for the drain clog.


First he suggested a plunger, fill the bowl with water and plunge away to try and move the clog. Second he things that middle section comes out. See those 4 blades sticking up around the ball. It looks like something can be put in the slots and then used to turn that middle section and take it out. So I’m going to look for something to do this with.

This was about it for our night. After Jon went home and we cleared off the table Heath and I went to bed way past my bedtime.


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