A Blog with 3 Tittles

(1) –  Happy Birthday Peanut
(2) – Congratulations Pop’s and Annie
(3) – A Babycentric Weekend as PredictedOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Friday after work I took a quick nap till Heath got home then she got busy touching up the crown molding in the nursery and I got busy putting the last coat of paint on the dresser. A termite inspector came over and I took a break to show him around so he could give the house an ok and we could move forward on the refinance. After he left my Pops called to tell me he and his girlfriend Annie had gone to the courthouse and gotten married somewhat on a whim and somewhat planned. He was leaving for a cruise the next morning and it was pretty exciting. Once off the phone I hold Heath all about it and once she finished painting we headed across the street to visit our neighbors. We followed them into the garage and helped them unpack a mini truckload of baby supplies. They were eager to get them out of the garage and we were excited to start filling the nearly completed nursery with cool free stuff.

Once done getting the free stuff we grabbed some pizza leftovers and headed to Baby’s R Us to register for some not so free stuff. We hit up a party store on the way to scope out what star wars related birthday supplies they had. Once at the baby store we sat at the desk and talked to some lady and she got us all set up in the system and gave us some info then set us loose with the gun.Mod Pod Pop Monkey Hi Pile Blanket - Kids Line  - Babies"R"UsMod Pod Pop Monkey Rug - Kids Line  - Babies"R"Us
The store closed at 9:30 and it was already 8 so we kind of had to hurry. We started in one corner and worked our way up and down each isle shooting a laser at all the coolest bar codes. If you ever take a pregnant lady to a baby store I suggest going close to the end of the day otherwise she will shop till her legs give out. So as it got close to 9:30 we really hustled and ended up missing some things and double scanning similar things. So we need to clear some stuff up online and maybe go back again later on. We got out and were kind of beat and hungry so headed home and to the couch. We watched 1/2 of My Super Ex-girlfriend.

On the couch and I ate a bunch of cereal then chips and salsa and Heath had ice cream then we headed to bed.

In the morning we got up early and quickly showered and got ready then headed to St. Joesph Hospital. We had our childbirth class from 9am to 3pm.

People seemed to feel sorry for us having to spend the whole day there but really I was pretty curious what would be going on when we had the baby and was glad we got it all done in 1 day instead of several classes. It was way better then marriage classes. The day went really quick and really gave me lots of good information and answered lots of questions that I didn’t know I had. The instructor was really knowledgeable and did a good job of giving us the facts and letting us decide how we wanted to deal with different things. All that said there is some really gross and scary stuff coming our way before we get to have a baby to hang out with.

When class got out we had about 2 hours to kill so got busy on a few projects. We vacuumed the office really good then moved all the furniture back in there. We tried to put the crib together but found we were missing some screws. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We cleaned up some things in the garage and nursery and then headed to the store. We got some ice cream and then headed to Peanut’s dad’s house to tell Peanut happy birthday. He showed us some new toys he had gotten and we had cake and ice cream and hung out for about an hour. Then we headed to Jon and Amanda’s to see what they were doing and drop off something for Jon. They had nothing going on and like us were kind of hungry. So we all headed down to Waldo Pizza for some pies and drinks and salads. It was really good and we devoured everything. After dinner we talked about heading to the river to cool off but instead decided to pick up a movie. We got Gran Torino.

We all squeezed on the couch and watched. In the beginning we took a break every 20 minutes to hang out on the deck and talk but the girls quickly grew tired of this so we just watched the movie through. It was a cool movie and kept us all entertained.

Afterwords we gave Jon and Amanda a ride home then headed to bed. Heath and I both slept in late on Sunday. We had been trying to catch up on sleep for like a week and took advantage Sunday morning. Once we did wake up we got busy though. We did some cleaning and filled in some holes in the dresser and painted over them then headed to Home Depot. We got some new handles for the drawers on the dresser and some screws for the crib and all new outlets and light switch and a vent and window deals.

Then we headed to Aldi and loaded up on fresh groceries. Then we headed to Redbox and dropped off our movie.  Once home things started coming together quick. We put the last 8 screws in the crib. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We popped off all the old outlets and installed nice new ones..

We screwed all the handles on the drawers.


Eventually getting them correct.


We got rid of an old brown vent like thisOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and put in a nice white one like this OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then things were looking so good we broke out the monkeys.


We started in one corner and decided how many monkeys that section of wall would get then started sticking them on. We filled around with dots as we went too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We had been struggling with the decision of weather one thing of monkeys would be enough or not and decided just to start placing them wherever it seemed natural and if we ran out we would get more. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So we just worked our way around the room with the monkeys and the dots.


Until we ran out of Monkeys but had quite a bit of room left. So we found out we needed more then 1 pack but probably not a full 2nd pack so we will have some extras.

We are really liking the nursery and amazingly it is turning out just like we wanted.

Then we headed outside and started bring metal pipes from the garage into the driveway and hooking them together.

In no time we had a trampoline set up. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

However we had put it up in the front yard and most of the legs fell off while taking it to the backyard and we had not started on the safety net yet. We called my sister for help and moved it to the backyard. Heath and I had a rough time following the safety net instructions. Nothing seemed write and everything was really hard to get in place and all. Just before Kelly showed up and helped we decided the instructions were not for the safety net we had. Kelly confirmed this and we just put it together however made sense. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This worked much better and in no time we were making the final adjustments. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Kelly had this trampoline at her house in Pittsburg but when she moved to KC did not have room for it so decided to give it to Peanut for a birthday present. It has been in our garage for a while but he did not know what it is and has no idea what he will find when he goes outside tonight.

We are really excited to see his reaction. Kelly checked out the nursery and visited for a bit then headed home. I was starving so Heath and I cooked up some chicken Alfredo stuff and relaxed till bedtime.

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