The Nursery is Done


The baby has 2.5 months of cooking left.

I got home a little late last night and Heath and Peanut were already home. Actually Peanut had taken the whole day off and Heath brought him home in the afternoon and she worked from home while he watched movies relaxed and played some wii. Peanut has a pretty bad rash and is on some antihistamine medication and needs to keep the rash iced and not be running around or jumping on the trampoline.  So we have kept the shades to the backyard closed so he does not see it and have been keeping him busy sitting still.

When I got home we played wii for a bit and tried to figure out how to adjust our nights plans. We decided to take Peanut to Home Depot but make him sit in the middle of the cart.

We returned a few things from the weekend and replaced them with things of the correct size then headed home for dinner. We made some frozen meat lovers pizza with added ham and pineapple for Peanut. Also we had cantaloupe, strawberries, shells and cheese and green beans. It was a pretty cool meal for a 5 yr old.

After dinner we stuck Peanut in the tub with a ton of rubber animals and bugs and stuff and added some oatmeal bath stuff that should sooth the itch for him. He was a little iffy about the whole thing until I explained that it was a swamp bath and his snakes and alligators and stuff loved swamp baths. Then he was on board.

Heath and I started on several projects that went on during bath, after bath and finished up this morning. I’ll get into them in a minute. When Peanut got out of the tub Heath headed to Baby’s R Us and to some Mary Kay meeting. Peanut and I got him dressed, iced and started reading stories. The bath had gotten him hungry so I spread some peanut butter on wheat ritz crackers and a slice of banana on each one. He ate these while we read the pied piper story and the sleeping beauty story. Then I tucked him in and he fell asleep right away. I got back to work on our projects and when Heath got home she joined in. We hung these new metal rods above the windows in the nursery. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I put in new florescent tube lights in 4 burnt out ones down stairs and replaced the air filter on the AC and did some touch up paint and glazing on the post downstairs. Also I got a full coat of primer on the baby changing table in the garage. This morning when Heath and I excitedly put on the last of the monkey decals.


She had gotten another pack at the store last night so we used them to wrap around the rest of the room.


It looks so great. We also unpacked calibrated and hung a new clock in the basement that syncs with the atomic clock and can also tell us the temp and humidity down there. We got it at Aldi. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Peanut and I are staying home this morning and then I’ll head to work and Heath will hang with Peanut this afternoon. I really hope when he goes down he is looking better but regardless we are going to spend the day on the couch watching or playing Star Wars.

Up I here footsteps upstairs, time to go.

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  3. Bun Clark says:

    I have officially completed Star Wars at 100%.  It would feel good but unfortunately right above the 100% thing it tells you how many hours you have spent playing, kindof depressing.

  4. thePrewitt says:

    that is cool we are still at around 40% and not progressing very fast

  5. Stephen says:

    Did the clock sync up okay?  I’ve had problems in the past with those clocks not finding the signal or whatever they are looking for?

  6. thePrewitt says:

    OK so far It’s been right on for about 4 hours now. I had to tell it central time zone but otherwise it’s good.

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