A day of keeping a 5 yr old calm


I took the morning off yesterday and in the morning I stuck Peanut on the couch downstairs and only let him get up to pee. We alternated a cold pack and frozen corn on his rash and I did my best to keep him excited about sitting still. This was easy with “the force” on my side. We started out watching The Empire Strikes Back, the 5th movie. Peanut was really curious about everything and lots more interested in the movie then he was in the first one we watched #4. We talked during most of the movie as I explained his questions. We paused the movie part way and played some wii. We played the same scenes we were watching. Then we finished the movie and ate some lunch. After lunch I got Peanut to lay down in our bed and rest and watch Ice Age. Heath came home and I headed to work. I worked a little late then got home and talked to Peanut and Heath. We decided Peanut was feeling alright and we would have Kelly and Chris over for dinner. I got started cooking.  There is a long story about a roast I have been cooking for a few days expecting to eat it and then canceling it and I got it cooking again. Heath got motivated to let Peanut open a birthday present so she quickly wrapped one and then called him in to unwrap it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He has been ready for presents for a while but since has not been feeling well and since his party is not for a couple weeks we have been trying to hold off. Heath and I got hom his own kids digital camera. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He and Heath worked on setting it up and loading it with batteries while I headed outside and mowed around the tall grass around the trampoline. Then I headed inside and continued to get dinner ready.

Heath and Peanut helped out by making the fruit salad. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Also Peanut took a bunch of pictures of the ceiling and the wall and other random things.

I got dinner close to ready and headed out to the grill to check on the roast. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was simmering in a pile of onions and terriaki marinade and smelled really good. I brought it in cleaned it off and started cutting the meat. Unfortunately it was pretty tough and full of fat and tendons and just not good meat.  Also most of it was a bone OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was a bad cut of deer. I tried a bite and it was a good flavor but took a lot of chewing and was hard to get around the bad meat. So I put it in Tupperware for another day and Heath quickly defrosted a pile of brauts. I grilled them quickly and they were ready shortly after Kelly and Chris showed up. So we ate the brauts and some potatoes and corn and some cabbage and carrots and some asparagus and biscuits and fruit salad. Getting dinner ready had not gone as I wanted but everything tasted just fine.

Shortly after dinner we headed outside to unveil Peanuts present http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js2BXkKVRPE

He really wanted to jump but we didn’t want him getting too worked up so we let him do a little hopping but mostly he and Kelly stood still and played Star Wars light-sabers. While they played I got the ice cream cake Kelly brought and brought it out with a match on top since we didn’t have candles. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The cake worked as we hoped and got Peanut off the trampoline and up to the table. He blew out the match and then I cut the cake and we ate. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After dessert Kelly and Chris headed home and Peanut took a bath. After the bath we read stories and got him to bed. I think I had eaten too much ice cream cake because I did not really feel like moving. I laid down on the couch and played more Star Wars Wii while Heath played on the computer until bed.


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  1. Stooks says:

    My favorite part of the video is Heath scolding Berry in the background.

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