T-ball Night


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Heath, Peanut and Grandma Jenny met me for lunch at China Town Super Buffet at like 12:45 last night. It was kind of a late lunch and we were really hungry by then so ate a ton. So when I got home from work at the end of the day cooking dinner did not seem like a priority for me. Heath’s Aunt Colleen was at our house and she Heath and Jenny were in the office talking and working. I headed to the other side of the basement to check on Peanut. He was concerned because “THE WII IS BROKEN” but as I expected the reciever that powers it was just not turned on. Peanut was pretty excited when I “fixed” it by turning everything on for him.  He has gotten a lot of wii time in this week and almost no outside time and we continued this by starting up Legos and playing some.

Peanut really loves to play this game but he is hard to play with. We play as a team working together to get through the levels but often times I don’t understand his motivation. Last night he was determined to hide from the enemies instead of fight against them. The game does not really progress if you hide the whole time. When I talked him out of this he started tossing bombs all over mostly blowing me and him up.

Eventually my patience wore out and I decided I would start cooking some dinner. Peanut tricked Aunt Colleen into playing with him and I think she mostly read a book with a controller in her hand so did not really mind what Peanut did.

Since no one was really hungry dinner had to be really good to get anyone to eat anything. I took some chicken breast and cut it into chunks and tossed it in a pan with some seasonings and rotel juice. While it cooked I chopped up and added green peppers and onions. Once all that was cooked I added black beans, rotel chunk tomatoes and corn and eventually 1/2 a block of cream cheese and a pile of shredded cheese and let that melt in. Then I filled 4 giant tortillas with my mixture rolled them up and stuck them in a baking pan. I covered them with enchilada sauce and more shredded cheese and let them bake. I got some chicken corn and beans separated from the onion and green pepper and put them on a plate for Peanut. I poured the left over enchilada sauce and shredded cheese into a pan with a can of re-fried beans and mixed it up good.

We ate dinner in the dinning room and it was really good and I was surprised at how much more full I could get. After dinner we screwed around for a while not really doing anything. Then we got ready and headed to Peanut’s T-Ball game at 7:30.


7:30 is usually the time for Peanut to hop in the tub or put on pajamas or star reading books and after watching last nights game I would guess it was the same for all the kids on the teams. They started out all right but the tiredness got to them towards the end. At one point a kid hit it and ran to first, when the next player hit their ball the runner on first ran into the outfield with the opposing team, he jumped in the dog pile by the ball not even realizing his jersey did not match theirs. Coaches tried to get him to move on to 2nd and eventually just carried him over there. Our kids had some more trouble in the field not pushing each other and fighting for the ball. However we did pretty good at bat and Peanut especially had some good hits. I was really glad I had filmed this whole play as it turned out really classic.

Peanut is right handed if he does not stand directly behind the plate he is good about getting on the correct side but for some reason he wanted to try the other way. He convinced his coach to let him then knocked it to the outfield.

Here he is running for home.

After the game they shook hands and he thanked his Great Grandma for coming to visit him and being a fan at his game.


He started to fall apart from being sleepy (he is still on antihistamines so extra tired) and we had a rough time getting him home and in bed but I think he was asleep by 9 or so. Once we got him in bed Heath ran next door to visit the neighbors poker game and show off her belly to a friend she had not seen in a while. When she got home I took my turn and visited for a bit and had a beer.

Once home Heath and I talked for a while then watched office reruns and went to bed.


Couple of other things:

1 So who is spamming my site so much?
I’ve been getting dominated in the comments lately despite a pretty strong captcha program for anonymous posters. My next line of defense is to disable anonymous comments. This means that you would have to be signed in to post comments. This may be annoying for some of you but I’m cool with it because I am always logged in and the spam is really annoying me. So staring Monday no more anonymous cowards unless someone gives me a reason not to.

2 Whats more fun then an evening at the “K”. Starting out that evening with a tailgate around a Green Ford Econoline conversion Van with 232,000 miles on it. Heath wants to go on Monday night and pilot the beast to the game and back. There are like $5 tickets in the HyVee area and parking will be cheep if we split it up good. If Monday is bad for lots of you Tuesday is regular price tickets but we would get a T-shirt out of the deal.
If your interested in going comment or send me an e-mail. The driver and passenger seats in the van are reserved but I have 2 captains chairs, room for 3 on the bench and possibly 3 more on the backside of the bench. First to call a seat gets it.  If you can’t ride the van just meat us there. I’ll come up with a food plan late today or early Monday and would love requests.




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  1. Ge-off says:

    I can’t make it during the week, but I have come across 10 tickets for the Friday game.  I’m not sure how many I will be using at this point but I may have some extras if anyone is interested in that night.

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