After Work Snack Time

I know Heath is the pregnant one and supposed to have the cravings but I’m still the strange eater.

I was a little hungry when I got off work last night and knew we would not eat dinner for a while so I grabbed a box of frozen Easter Peeps and a couple of busch lights.

After snack time I headed to the nursery to inspect the ceiling fan. It looks fine to me but Heath says it looks like it’s from the 1970’s.  I think we could get over the looks but it has a shake problem at medium and high speeds.

Armed with a couple screw drivers I was determined to find whatever was loose and making it shake and tighten that down so we did not have a good reason to replace the fan.

There were loose screws all over I found.  I also figured something was strange about the way it attached to the ceiling and decided to disconnect it from the ceiling. I did not have this big pile to set it on at the time and was standing on a chair trying to hold up the fan, not mess up the wires and inspect the problem.

After a while I did not find any problems but I could not get the fan back into place. I tried till my arms gave out then let it hang from the wires while I got some supplies. Heath came home shortly later and we got it back up together. However something went wrong with hanging from the wires and we had no power.

So I moved the dresser and night stand and diaper box and pillows under it and took it all done and undid and redid all the wiring. I also found the box in the ceiling it connects to is at a crazy angle and the previous owner just filled in the gap with a bunch of washers. At first I thought this was the cause of the shake. I put it back up and tightened everything and then Heath and I cranked it up. It shook the same or worse then before and still makes a lot of noise. So all this work and the ceiling fan is still bad. I’m going to look up some websites to see if there is something else to do then I guess Heath and I’ll pick out a new one that’s quiet enough for a baby.

In between all the fan disaster we headed to Peanut’s T-ball game. It’s so nice to have our Canon camera back because pictures turn out so much better. Check out this secuence.

Batter up

A Swing and a hit

Gets on first and the next batters hit him to second and third and then run for home.

Sure the play is not close to getting him out but no time for high fives.

Finish the at bat with a dive into the plate just to be sure he is safe.

Line up to high five the other team for a good game. Peanut tries to be in the front of the line

Because his favorite part of baseball is the snack and juice box after the game. This time he got a bonus trophy because it was the last scheduled game.

There was some fielding and some other at bats to, but my pictures didn’t work as well to include them so if you want to check out how it all works you can make it to the real last game. Next Thursday at 5:30 we watch the hornets make up a rain out game to close the 2009 season.

My mom and brother came to the game to cheer on Peanut and tell us about my brothers new job at Best Buy. He was pretty excited to leave Radio Shack. After the game my mom took us out to eat as a late birthday present to Brobeck’s Barbeque at 106th and Roe. Photobucket

None of us had ever eaten there but I had been there many times when it was a Dairy Queen and Geoff worked there. Heath got a burnt end plate and I got a combo plate and we shared. Everything was really good and it was kind of cool they serve nothing with sauce and have a table with 2 of their own sauces and like 5 local favorites like KC Masterpiece, Gates, and Sweet Baby Rays. Of course we ended up with a ton of food and just about ate it all. Heath called it quits with a little left for today.

After dinner we rolled out and drove home. I dropped Heath off 1/2 a mile from the house so she could get a walk in and then I got back to work on the fan. She got home shortly after and helped me out then we headed downstairs. Heath wanted more exercise and hopped on the gazelle.

I played Star Wars Wii for a few minutes then we remembered that Peanut and I watched the 5th movie but Heath had no so we better get her caught up. So I turned off the Wii and on the movie.

Heath looked like she was having so much fun on the gazelle when she got off I hopped on.

It’s a strange contraption and I’m not exactly comfortable on it. I did it for a long time but never really like I was working hard. We watched the movie until Heath fell asleep on the couch. Then I turned it off and played some wii till my bed time. Then I got Heath up so we could go to bed.

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend join us. Royals game tonight, Peanut’s birthday tomorrow.


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7 Responses to After Work Snack Time

  1. Brian says:

    You need a kit that evens the weight of the blades … I have many of these.

  2. Bun Clark says:

    Did that bug killer you spread on the lawn work?

  3. Ge-off says:

    When did you get a Gazzelle?  Can I try it out tonight before the Royals game?

  4. thePrewitt says:

    but like Heath said we have not really been outside on it yet. I don’t think I got bit as I was spreading it.

  5. thePrewitt says:

    my searches say the same thing. I guess you can just tape washers to the top of the blades untill it does not shake.

  6. The Mrs. says:

    gazell your little heart out!

  7. The Mrs. says:

    I think we will have to see this weekend when we are outside alot.  Not sure what Chris thinks yet…

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