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Kaw River Adventure

Sorry my post is late. Please let this video make up for it.  


A Night of Van Hauling

You know you’re in for a good time when you get to work and a reminder pops up saying… “ADVENTURE WEEKEND”


Yummy in my tummy

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The baby is not even out and it’s taking up all my time

I forgot to put the memory card in my camera before leaving last night. Luckily I found some really cool pictures I took Friday night

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Hodge Podge of Dinner on the Deck

Tiss the season……to eat out side.

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Big Lake – Surprise

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BBQ Casserole

not the casseroleI don’t really know much about this picture but it is pretty and I only took a couple shots yesterday.

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Today’s post is brought to you by Miller Light, McDonalds, The Kansas City Chiefs and the letter “D”

These pictures have nothing to do with today’s post but they caught my eye and I had to share This is the first Big Mac Peanut and I shared. He took a few big bites but preferred the fries.

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Curry and Books


Anniversary Dinner in Waldo

The sweet rooftop deck at the Well