An Overwhelming Monday Post



Friday seems like a long time ago. I got off work a little early after working at night and early one morning last week. I had some free time so played wii. When Heath got home we tried to take a nap but ended up watching TV instead. Then I cooked up some pasta for dinner with ham and a bunch of veggies in it. At 8 we went to my high school reunion.

I took my camera but it never left my pocket. I don’t really like taking pictures in bars and I never really thought about it. For the reunion our class rented out a bar and packed everyone into it. It was a great time just having some drinks and talking to everybody. Even Heath enjoyed herself and found a group of other pregnant girls to relax with. We ended up staying pretty late. Once home we got a snack then went to bed.

Saturday I was busy all day working on little projects around the house. My first one was cleaning the rest of the shop up and then building a new jenga set. Not the normal jenga

but a large 2×4 version. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Stephen had given me the idea and after cleaning the shop I realized I was going to throw away a lot of 2×4 scraps that seemed to short to be of any use. So I spent the morning pulling out nails, measuring and cutting. Pretty soon I had 48 pieces to build my tower with.

I was busy the rest of the day but it was not real exciting stuff, going to Wal-mart, picking up the house, making a salad, making a dip, making a pizza, picking flowers in the backyard for Heath, dishes, etc. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Heath was busy in the morning with me but spent the afternoon at a baby shower with some of her friends. From all reports she had a great time and I helped bring in and unpack a pile of great stuff for the baby.


At the same time Heath got home Kentaro and Chiaki showed up. We hung out and talked for a while then got started on dinner. I had made a big pizza crust and cooked up some BBQ chicken and shredded the meat. So while the others cut topping up I made a sauce of marinara and BBQ sauce and spread it over my crust. Then started adding the toppings.


Once it was good and loaded we tossed it in the oven. It came out looking and smelling great. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I was really hungry and we moved it to the table with the salad and garlic bread. I cut into thick pie and we got busy.

We ate and drank till we were all pretty stuffed.


Then we moved to the couch and watched some TV. While we were digesting and relaxing on the couch our basement was slowly filling up with people. Heath and I kept a sneaky eye on the cars in the driveway and sent some text messages and then we all headed downstairs.

KK was completely surprised when he came down the stairs and there was a crowd of people down there ready to celebrate his much anticipated graduation and 30th birthday. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For the next while it was a pretty normal gathering. We had some drinks, some cake, some dip and lots of talking and hanging out.

Eventually I broke out the new Jenga set. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was just as challenging as the normal game but being big and kind of dangerous made it more fun.

Find your piece
Pull it out




it falls


At times it got really high. I know we went from 16 to 30 levels at one point and when that falls it goes a long ways.


Of course as the night went on we started adding to the game and changing the rules. Shots were added to the game and we made a rule about removing the first piece you touched and then we brought in a hammer and a piece of pipe to keep things interesting.

It didn’t end here as we started building things out of the blocks to jump or dive over,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



It was a really late but really fun night. All the pictures are up

Sunday was a busy day. We slept in then cooked up a big pan of potatoes and eggs and veggies and gravy.

We ate then loaded up in the van and headed downtown. We walked around the river market and the Chinese Asian market and got a few fruits and vegetables before heading home. We didn’t get all the food we had hoped for and ended up going to price chopper for some more. Then we changed and packed up the van again and headed to the river. We packed a lot of stuff so each of us grabbed a handful and carried it down the trail.

We walked about 1/2 a mile before getting to the water and setting up our pick-nick spot. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We grilled up some fantastic corn on the cob OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
and some hot dogs

and chicken thighs. Kentaro caught a crawdad and we even cooked it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Everyone was a little grossed out at first but once it was cooked an buttered it looked great and he said it was really good so tried to find more. We found a few but were not able to catch them. We explored the river and relaxed and enjoyed the perfect weather.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The guys ended up playing a lot of Frisbee in the knee deep water and the girls got some rest. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We stayed till close to 6:00 I think before heading home. All of the pictures

Once home everyone was pretty beat and headed their own ways. Heath and I took a hot bubble bath. We put the laptop on the toilet and watched Star Wars IV from the tub. After the movie Heath stayed in and watched some more TV and have some ice cream. I got stuff from the day cleaned up and put away. Then we got ready for bed.



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