Frozen Storms


Heath was working from home yesterday and that worked out really well for us. We have been keeping an eye on craigslist for a glider/rocking chair for the nursery. The new ones are $100-$200 even for the cheep ones and on craigslist we have found a bunch in the $50 range but many need some wood glue or upholstering or new pads. Then yesterday a FREE one popped up with little information and no picture. I e-mailed the poster and they gave me the address and said it was out on the curb and that several people have e-mailed and say they will come get it. I called Heath and luckily the place was only a couple miles from our house and she was able to beat everyone there. She just tossed it in the car and drove off so after work I took it out and brought it into the nursery.


We are not excited about the colors on the pads but we are excited about how comfortable it is how perfect and sturdy all the woodwork and mechanical parts are and how easy it is to unsnap all the pads.


Everything is held on with snaps and Velcro so it’s easy to take off. Heath is a novice with the sewing machine but fairly sure she can figure out how to sew some new covers for the pads. If you like to play seamstress or seemsir let Heath know because she would love some help or another mind to help her figure it out.

After a bit of gliding and rocking we moved on to dinner. I had tossed a bunch of turkey in the crock pot with BBQ and onions yesterday morning so most of dinner was ready to go. Heath made a salad and I cooked some brown rice and got the turkey out of the pot.

We ate on the couch while watching Man vs Food and The Listener. ManVsFood1.jpg image by NonStopPop

After dinner we talked about going to Baby’s R Us but I was really not motivated.

We had a few things we wanted to add to the registry and we wanted to register for some clothes and things.

I brought up their website and we did some research and picking out stuff online. The winter clothes were not up on the site yet so I was pretty sure they were not out in the store yet either.

We worked our way a few lists of things you gota have for baby and made sure we had those things or were registered for them or decided we didn’t need/want them.

We have a few things left to figure out about this baby but they are probably not that interesting to you all. We want to figure out what we think about a baby sling and what size and we are thinking about cloth diapers. We started out very much in favor of disposable but now we are thinking of doing both but we don’t really know much about it.

Anyway we eventually got away from baby’s R Us and headed downstairs. My clean the shop plan went so well we spilled out to the “Hall of Storage”



There is a lot of storage space here but we have a lot of stuff and have been in the habit of just tossing more stuff on top of the old stuff or squishing more junk in. So things were all on the shelves but not organized well and taking up more space then they should. Also we discovered we had a lot of junk that could be thrown away, given away or craigslisted.

Heath and I started on opposite ends and worked our way through the shelves. We made a lot of empty space on the shelves.


It’s hard to tell from the pictures but things look much better now and we know where things are.


Once the shelves were in good shape we decided to play wii. I got started on Batman and then Heath came over and wanted to play super Mario brothers 3. We played for a few minutes then she wanted to go for a walk so we quit.  It was surprisingly very hot and humid even thought it was almost 10:00 at night. We walked down to the creek and along the path away then headed home. Berry was panting in the heat pretty bad and we were all ready for water when we got home. I played more Lego Batman when we got home until i was cooled off and Heath read till it was time to go to bed.

If your wondering about the title of todays post Frozen Storms I got it from a random title generator for no reason.

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