Dressing good and Eating good

They say to start off your day with a balanced breakfast.

If you have a lot to do after work/school,  why not serve this breakfast for dinner.

The idea that we had more things to do then time got into my head last night and so I started the evening in a rush. I quickly worked to fry up 7 thick banana, strawberry, blueberry pancakes, 6 turkey link sausages, and 4 eggs mixed with peperoni, ham, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and cheese. When Peanut and Heath got home Peanut helped make some orange juice and we sat down to dinner brinner.

Before we ate I told Peanut he had 3 jobs for the evening, make OJ, pick up all toys from the family room and put them away and pick up his room. He ate pretty slow but really likes breakfast so ate a decent amount. He had already made the OJ and picked up a few of the toys so he finished putting toys away and then he and Heath worked on his room.

Instead of picking up toys they tried on clothes. Peanut tried on bunches of his fall and winter clothes to see if they would still fit. Heath made piles of clothes that were too small or fit or were too big. Meanwhile I was in the hallway.

After some measuring and leveling and stud finding and screwing and hanging I got all 3 of our wedding photo frame deals up on the wall.

When we picked them out we thought they were just the black frames not the white background but they still look pretty good. We decided a few weeks ago if we didn’t get our wedding pictures printed and hung before the baby came we never would and instead be focused on the baby.

Once the frames were up and the clothes were all tried on we left. Even though it seems like Peanut has a ton of clothes that still fit or are still big for him Heath was certain he needed some back to school clothes.

Peanut starts his second year of preschool on Monday and moves to a new room at his daycare. We wanted to get him a cool Star Wars or Batman or Transformers shirt to wear on his first day. Heath had seen an online sale for these at Old Navy and we went there first. The online sale did not work in the store and the cool shirts were on sale for $10.50. I pushed Heath and Peanut in and out of the store as quick as I could. Then we walked through Ward Parkway Mall to Target. We found a Lego Batman shirt and Star Wars shirt for $5 each so picked them up.

Here he is in one of the new shirts this morning.

We also needed some markers and glue sticks and school supplies and another big plastic tub for Peanut’s old clothes. While Heath paid I ran around the mall to the car and drove around and picked her and Peanut up. We quickly headed to the DAV thrift store. I had wanted to go here first but we needed the school supplies and I worried we would not have time for everything. We immediately found really great stuff, most for $1 each.

The treasures included a yoda shirt that may glow in the dark, GI Joe slippers, Snow boots, flip flops, a hooded sweatshirt with zipper and pockets, a royals shirt, an under armor shirt and some star wars underwear. Luckily Peanut had to go to the bathroom and we cut our trip short and headed home.

Peanut’s couple new shirts to start school with turned into a big pile of stuff.

Peanut did not make it inside before he peed on the side of the house. Then we stuck him in the tub with some soap and shampoo and a village of plastic people. I headed outside and finished mowing the backyard while there was some sunlight left. Then we put Peanut in bed and did some cleaning up in the kitchen.

Heath spent a long time on the phone planning the future with Peanut’s dad while I browned some turkey burger and sausage. I made a really tasty looking crock pot lasagna that I can’t wait to eat tonight. Once it was all ready I tossed it in the fridge and I’ll plug it in this afternoon so it is hot and ready for dinner.

After tomorrow’s dinner was ready I read my book until Heath was off then phone then we talked a bit then hopped in the shower. Then we watched another great episode of Survive This.

We realized we had not had the TV on at all this week as it was still on the easy listening channel from our candlelight dinner on Monday. After the show we headed to bed.

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