Wedding Weekend In Chicago

Friday after work Heath and I loaded up the truck and drove to the Anderson’s house. Brian gave us a ride to the airport and dropped us off. We had a nice easy flight to Chicago then took the train from the airport to downtown and waited for our ride.

Shortly later Heath’s cousin pulled up and drove us around the city a bit then took us to her house. We talked for a while then went to walk around the city and get some food and drinks at a bar and grill. Then we headed back to their house and went to bed. In the morning we quickly got dressed for the wedding then took the train to our hotel. We found Mike, Matt and Kevin getting ready and joined them. Then all of us went to the hotel lobby and got on a bus that would take us to the wedding.

It was kind of a long ride because the city was very busy with some airshow going on. We made it to the wedding on time and watched Tony and Erin Wed.

Then the bus took us back to the hotel and spend the next few hours eating, drinking and preparing ourselves for the reception.

The reception was in the hotel and we headed down for some cocktail hour chatting then things got going.

We ate and drank and listened to speeches and cheers and all sorts of fun stuff.

Our little group from high school got to hang out some as the night went on.

And of course that means shots

Tony’s new family gave him a bowling ballĀ  but it was hooked to a chain and locked to his ankle.

Late in the night a tray of mini burgers appeared.

It was a long crazy really fun night celebrating the new couple. After the reception Heath and I snuck away to our room so I could show her a little anniversary surprise. Then she was ready to go to bed and Geoff and I were ready to find some of the other guests at the bar.

Instead we wondered the city looking for the bar but instead just got some McDonald’s then went to bed.

In the morning Heath and I checked out the hotel pool and Stooks met us down there.


Then we ate breakfast, packed up the room and hit the city.

We mostly wondered around taking in the sights and killing time. Eventually we made our way to Giordano’s Pizza. A few people told us it was the best deep dish in the city and we figured we better get some even though we were not really hungry.

It takes a long time to prepare a cook these pizzas and by the time it came I was hungry. We got the smallest one they had but were still only able to eat about 1/2 of it.

After eating we were running a little late so rushed to the train and from there to the airport. We really rushed through the airport afraid we would miss our flight. A storm had screwed everything up and our flight left over 2 hours late. We did make it back and Brian and Courtney picked us up and we made it home.

We were pretty beat but a little hungry again. We found some year old cake in the freezer and decided to give it a try.

I had some idea about us eating the whole thing. It was good but after one piece I decided that was enough sugar for me. After cake I had a couple burgers and then we went to bed.

A lot more pictures are up at

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