Anniversary Dinner in Waldo

The sweet rooftop deck

at the Well

Heath had yesterday off to recover from our great weekend in Chicago and when I got home she was busy cleaning our room. We just hung out in the bedroom untill we started to get hungry. Then we headed to Waldo. I had finished my book (the book I stole from Heath) and picked out the next one in the series.

On the way to library we talked to Peanut on the phone about his first day in his new class. He was more concerned with out trip to the library and wanted to make sure we got him some good books too. So I picked out my book and 3 for Peanut and Heath got a bunch of books on painting kids rooms and I got a few about energy efficiency and thriftiness. I was able to drag Heath out while I was still able to hold all the books in one load and tried to figure out where to go to eat.

We tossed around a bunch of ideas and then remembered Ge-off posting this link last week

So we headed to The Well. well

It had rained yesterday morning but it was great out last night. We got a table on the north west edge of the rail with a great view of Wornal. I was not really in the mood for bar food and we took a long time to decide if we were just getting a drink or if we would go somewhere else. We were in the mood for lo mein.

When the waitress brought my second beer we decided to get an appetizer order of nachos to split then get some Chinese take out on the way home. The nachos arrived very quickly and were served on like a pizza platter.  They were covered in toppings and they gave us cups of jalapenos, sour cream and 3 cups of fresh salsa.

The quick appetizer turning into our whole meal as gobbled them up. The chicken and beans and all were great but some of the cheese was a little too processed and weird for me.

After the nachos we paid and headed out. On the way home we decided to skip our house and get a few things at wal-mart. Once home we watched 2 episodes of Man vs Food then I read some and Heath watched Colony. Then we headed to bed.

This morning we took pictures of the belly with the 34 week old prewitt in it.

So we have something like 40 DAYS to go. yikes

I think the most impressive is how different Heath looked 10 weeks ago.

that’s a lot of change in 10 weeks. Here are some from earlier on to compare too.

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4 Responses to Anniversary Dinner in Waldo

  1. The Mrs. says:

    those pants are strechy! I don’t think I’d fit if they didn’t!

  2. Courtney says:

    I can’t believe you still have 40 days left!!

    Chris- how come you haven’t said what books you are reading?  I am intrigued.

  3. thePrewitt says:

    I have been purposefully not mentioning what I have been reading. Partially I wanted to see if anyone would notice and if I could get them intrigued. Partially I didn’t know that the series was called and after I found out I decided it sounded kind of lame. I promise to tell the rest of my reading story tomorrow if I have time for reading tonight. In the mean time I would love to see if anyone had any guesses. Besides Heath

  4. The Mrs. says:

    You always leave me out of your reindeer games!

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