BBQ Casserole

not the casserole

I don’t really know much about this picture but it is pretty and I only took a couple shots yesterday.

Heath’s coworkers threw a pregnant party and apparently they ate some cake and Heath made a fun grin and someone took some pictures on our camera.

She did come home with more diapers and baby gear.

When she got home she found me slaving away in the kitchen.

Prewitt’s BBQ Casserole Instructions

I pealed and got several potatoes boiling.
Then I got 2 large dear steaks that had been marinating in beer, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and some other seasonings and cut them up into little pieces discarding the fat and bone and non meat stuffs
Then I put them over medium heat in a skillet and covered them with bbq seasonings
Just before the meat was all brown I added 1/2 a diced onion
I stirred it all up several times turned the heat down to low and added KC Masterpiece
I let that simmer for a while and opened a can of beans (actually I did 2 but it was too much)
I got the beans cooking on the stove and added some honey, pepper and some more BBQ sauce
I periodically stirred the meat and beans and made the mashed potatoes.
I put a lot of fresh and powdered garlic in the potatoes and added butter, mayo and salt and pepper
I wanted them chunky so mashed with an icecream scooper instead of beater.
Then I poured meat mixture into bottom of 9×9 greased pan.
I spread it out even then added the beans (I only used half my pot)
I spread them out then dumped on all my mashed potatoes and smoothed them out.
I topped the whole thing with a couple handfuls of shredded cheese.
I stuck the pan in the toaster oven on 300 for 10 minutes to melt the cheese
Serve hot preferably outside on a beautiful night with salad and watermelon

Heath made the salad and I cut the watermelon and Amanda joined us for dinner.


We ate on the deck and stayed out there for a while afterwords talking about what we all had been up to different things going on and of course baby plans.

Eventually this lead the girls into the nursery to inspect diapers and think of cute things to say about babies and discus whatever pregnant ladies discus.

I put on a long sleeve shirt, and face mask and headed to the attic. Actually first I headed to the shop for old sheets of wood paneling and hauled them up the attic. Then I started hauling up there stuff I don’t want to deal with. This was a little rough as some of the items were large and heavy and needed 2 hands to carry. I made a tiny storage area above the garage and dumped some old trash cans and jogging stroller and a kids plastic desk and a chair and all Heaths marine gear that we can’t get rid of.

I predict the stroller will come back first but not till spring at least as Peanut has outgrown it and the baby has under-grown it. Perhaps the desk will come back first but we need to clear a spot in Peanut’s room big enough for it first. I predict the marine stuff will remain there until our kids get old enough to explore it and think it is a cool old treasure.

Just as I was finishing up I heard Stephen’s voice. We headed into the house and he helped me put Peanut’s new bunk bed together. It was pretty easy to stack and obviously takes up no more floor space.

Stephen and I rewarded our efforts with a bear then hung outside for a bit then watched the fish in the tank downstairs a bit then he headed home. I made Peanut’s bed and headed back to the attic thinking I might do some energy efficiency auditing but decided it was too hot and looked for other projects. I put the latter away and then got started on the van TV.

The built in TV is 13inches and old but the picture looks good and clear. The problem with it is the picture bounces up and down all the time even when the van is not moving at all. I decided to try an experiment and cut the cord off an old 19 inch tv we have. I cut the cord on the built in one two and spliced the 19 into it. I plugged everything in hit the power button and it made some noises but not really good noises and didn’t turn on the power light or the screen. At first I thought the van converted power from DC (battery) to AC (house) and then powered the TV but after looking at the wires I am guessing the van TV was made to run on DC power instead.

I cleaned up some stuff and hopped in the shower then joined Heath for some pregnancy stretches and then some reading before bed time.

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  1. thePrewitt says:

    Heath and Amanda were asking about how I got the idea for the bbq casserole last night. I was not real sure but wanted to get rid of the meat and potatoes and bbq sounded good. It is kind of similar to shpards pie and at first I was considering a row of corn and/or green beans before thinking of baked beans.

    BBs Lawnside BBQ has something similar called the Bar-B-Que Sundae: Hickory smoked Pit Beans, creamy coleslaw and succulent Pulled Pork – served in a Mason jar and topped off with sauce and a pickle, $6.59


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