Babies and Burgers

The last 2 weeks the baby has grown and Heath has gotten happier.

However it is probably time to change clothes, or at least wash these ones.
I left work a little bit early and picked Heath up at the house then we headed to St. Joeseph for a doctor appointment. We had like no wait before they got us in an exam room and shortly later the doctor came in to check things out. The heartbeat was good and Heath’s stomach measured 38inches (2 more inches in the last week). The doctor declared that it was not going to be a small baby, not a monster but was growing quick.
For those of you down with the lingo she was dilated to a 1 or about a fingertip and about 50% effaced. The doctor said something about the head being good too. Then she told us to come back next week and to let her know if the water breaks or Heath goes into labor then sent us out.

We left the hospital and headed to majestic Grandview following a craigslist ad.  We found the house and an interesting character answered the door with an old stroller in his hand. I handed him a ten and he handed me the stroller he asked if we wanted to see if it worked and we said no we cool with whatever.

After this I made a big mistake and stuck the stroller in the back seat of the car and drove away. We barely got down the street before the smell worked its way to the front seat. We rolled down all the windows and drove as fast as we could but could not escape the poo/BO/smoke/poor smell. It was a fairly short drive but we could not get to Baby’s R’ Us soon enough.

I felt kind of guilty and ashamed when I took the stink bomb to the counter but when the lady took it and gave me a coupon and I stopped smelling the stroller the guilt went away. Heath and I found the Catalina on the shelf and I hoisted it into the cart.

The Catalina is no BO stroller, it is a top of the line travel system and includes a car seat and base with the stroller and everything fits together and apparently looks adorable.  We snagged an extra base for our extra vehicle and did some shopping and Heath tricked me into a mini baby clothes shopping spree. Racks of clothes were marked down and if you got something on the rack your next item was only $1. My rule of only 2 items was shattered and eventually we found the clothes hamper we had come over there for and escaped.

Here is the hamper in the nursery later on:

So anyway we went to the counter an our $10 stink bomb saved us $50 on the Catalina. Also the tiny pile of tiny clothes was really cheep and the bill was not too bad.  It was epically not bad when we realized we didn’t have to pay for it. Heath pulled out a stack of gift cards started burning them. Pops and Annie wanted to buy the stroller but could not find it in Seattle so their card covered all the stroller plus the base.

I stuck the lovely smelling Catalina in the back seat of the truck and we headed home. We went in long enough for Heath to pee and me put on shorts then went next door. We joined Stephen and Becky on an 810 zone burger night on the Plaza.

We had some drinks and some burgers and fries and such. We got a new waitress that was struggling but was real nice and apologetic. She hooked me up with a free plate of extra fries so I was cool with her not knowing the specials and messing up the bill a whole bunch of times. Everything we got was on special in some manor and we all got our burgers differently so we were a good table to learn on.

Then we headed home and Heath and I really needed a grocery store run but skipped it to put together the Catalina.

It was a pretty simple assemble. Stick on the wheels put this piece here and lock into place and it’s done.

The thing folds up and has straps to tighten or loosen things all over and weird locking clips for things and various shades that can move to cover babies and stuff but we got it all figured out and pushed it around the family room a bit.

It was still pretty early and we had a lot we should work on but I was tired and had no motivation so we got in bed and read. As soon as Heath turned off the lights and on the TV I was asleep.This morning I got up early and started to unpack from this weekend and got the trash out.



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