4th Night Working Late in a Week

I’m ready for the weekend

Heath and I got home after work last night and laid down in bed for a bit. We watched the rest of Sons of Anarchy and some King of the Hill then headed to the Texas Roadhouse in Olathe.

I expected traffic would be terrible but it was not bad and we got there early. We were seated and soon joined by my sister and a bunch of her  friends and relatives. We hurried to get drink and appetizer orders in. I had a tall Coors light draw and split an order of rattlesnake bites.
they were actually really tasty balls of diced jalapeno mixed with cream cheese, battered and deef fried. We got our orders in and ate the appetizers and a bunch of bread and peanuts. At 6:54 I realized I was not going to be able to eat my meal and see the waitress embarrass my sister with a song and watch her get a free dessert and pay my bill before 7. (I needed to get going around 7 in order to get to the transmitter at 8) So Heath and I got our orders to go and payed our bills and wished Kelly good and hurried out. It was a little hard to pay for a big meal that I was going to have to save and reheat to eat later.

We hurried home and put the food in the fridge and then I headed to the transmitter. The transmitter is not at the same place as the studio and is a farther drive. I got there just as it was getting dark. It

I got there at ten till 8 and the engineer got there at 8:01. It was a little close but we got everything ready and the new tube unpacked and ready and at 8:05 we fired up the backup transmitter and cut the power to the main transmitter. This was the 3rd tube to go in over the last couple days so we knew the drill pretty well and it went in quick.

The engineer got things set up fairly well with all the dials and gauges and buttons then we turned off the backup transmitter and he tweaked for a while longer on the main one with the new tube. A little after 8:30 he was fairly pleased with how it was operating. He sent me home while he worked on taking some readings and calculating the efficiency. Shortly after I left I heard the station stop and dead air for a few seconds but it came right back and sounded good the rest of the way.

Heath was working on work stuff when I got home but I convinced her it was time for dinner and we grabbed our meals.

I stuck the steaks in the toaster oven on max toast and put the rest in the microwave with a bunch of green beans from home. We poured some big glasses of  milk and then ate on the couch while watching a rerun of Fringe.

I had the chicken fried steak and it was pretty good for reheated and I easily cleaned my plate. After the show we headed to bed to read a bit then go to sleep.

Tomorrow is the PSU game at Arrowhead if anyone is going or wants to go let me know.


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