No Big News but check out this water fort

Friday I was feeling lazy and unsure of what to do. Right after work Heath and Peanut picked me up and we headed to Aldi for a grocery run. Peanut was pumped because he was getting a new box of cereal and could pick out anything he wanted. He went for the Aldi version of the mini chocolate chip cookies. After the groceries were away we watched the 2nd half of the Star Wars 2 DVD. Natalie Portman's be-shredded tighty-whitey outfit from Attack of the Clones will have all the fanboys shining their lightsabers at the Sexy Halloween Party.

It was pretty exciting stuff and we are nearly through all the movies now. I made a little pizza and we ate it for dinner. It was pretty simple and quick because I got the crust from a can. We got Peanut to bed on time and Heath and I did a little planning for the weekend and watched a bunch of shows on TV to get all caught up with the new stuff.

Saturday Peanut and I got up early and headed downstairs for wii. After Heath got up we headed up to eat breakfast. Peanut ate a massive bowl of his new cereal. Heath and I had some leftover biscuits and gravy but were still hungry so I made some scrambled eggs. Once they were done I decided not to eat any till later and Peanut and I got ready and went for a run.

We started at 99th and Holmes again but this time brought Berry. As we started out we made plans for what to do when a fast bike came from the front or from behind and got it down really well. We stopped at Wornall to throw more rocks in and Berry could swim.

Then we continued on. I was feeling much better then the last run because Peanut was going a little slower and I was not stuffed with food. We ran to the Watkins Mill park area before stopping to play.

Peanut and Berry were really enjoying exploring the area and jumping on rocks and trying to make me nervous by getting too close.

Eventually Peanut tried to jump from one rock to another like Berry and didn’t make it and skinned his knee. Once I gave him a hug and carried him back up the hill to his bike he was good as new and laughed at Berry who found a random braut and engulfed it. We quickly rode/ran the whole way back then headed home. We gave Berry a bath then Peanut wanted to play in the sprinkler so we stuck it on the deck and started to build a fort.

I gave up on trying to dry my tarp and we instead we used it in the construction of a great fort.

We played for a while then headed in to get cleaned off. I ate some eggs and we showered then helped Heath fold laundry.  Around 2 we headed to the Waldo Fall Fair.

There was very little information online but we were pleasantly surprised at the activities and the prices. We spent $3 and Peanut got to to Jump in the trampoline,

ride the train,

climb to the top of a rocket ship
and slide down,

spin around and around on a fairis ride,

climb around a fire truck,
and meet some dogs, trick or treat at bunch of business booths, get some balloons and meet KC Wolf.

We paid another $3 for popsicles on the way out.

Once home Peanut and Heath laid down to watch a movie and nap. I got dinner stuff ready and cleaned up a few things then Stephen and Becky came over and we spent the rest of the evening enjoying the weather on the deck. Peanut had big sandwiches

I had big sandwiches

and everyone got stuffed. Eventually Peanut got bored and watched a movie and it got dark and Jon came by and Peanut went to bed and I stayed up too late talking on the deck.

Sunday we started the day when Peanut crawled in bed with us and we all laid around watching tv. Then we got hungry and cooked up a pile of apple cinnamon waffles. I was a little stiff from the run so we skipped it and I got the mower going and Peanut and I headed out back to mow, seed and pick up walnuts.

Peanut drove the tractor around for about 2 hours picking up walnuts and maybe got 10 though the whole yard is filled with them.

At noon the yard was done and we headed inside to make a little lunch and watch the chiefs game.

I filled a little skillet with cream cheese, velveta, corn, black beans, spinach, peppers, shredded cheese and grilled chicken basted in lime juice and garlic. It was pretty amazing stuff and we spent most of the game trying to stop eating so much.

When Peanut was done eating he watched a movie and laid down in our room to rest and took a shower and got ready to go to the circus with his dad. After the game I finished up seeding the yard then took my shower and then got right back to work.

I made this little latter and stuck it on the side of Peanut’s bed because he loves the top bunk and it’s a little tough to climb. Peanut headed to the circus and Heath and I headed to Jon’s rental house. He just about has a tenant ready to move in and had some extra lumber to get rid of it so we loaded it in the van and looked the place over. It’s a nice house. After talking in his driveway a while we headed home. I helped Heath shave her legs then played some Wii. Her friend came over to give her a pedicure and I cooked us all up big hoagie sandwiches and asparagus. I went back to the wii while they played with feet and kept after it till I was tired and went to bed.




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  1. Courtney says:

    That cheese dip looks so good.

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