Happy Birthday G-Off

We ate a ton of Mexican food last night, just look at Heath afterword.

I left work early and rushed home to get Heath and go to the doctors office. There was no emergency but it was good practice for the real thing. We hurried into the office so we could sit around and wait for our appointment. Heath gave them a sample of pee then the nurse weighed her. Then we hung out in the room for a while. The doctor came in and found a good heart beat and measured Heath’s belly.

She commented on it being a big baby or not a small baby or something like that. Then she got in there and said the kiddo’s head is right there. She said Heath is still 70% stretchy and has diallated to 1.1811 inches (that’s 3 cm for you metric buffs). She believed the baby would come anytime and did not let us set up another appointment.  We usually schedule one each week but she said the baby would be here by then.  So we have Amanda’s doctor on standby in case Heath is late but our doctor does not seem to think that will be necessary.

So we left the doctor and headed home. On the way Heath talked me into going out to dinner even though I had already gotten a dinner plan and some potatoes baking. Becky was watching Peanut and they went to the library so I got the trash and recycles out and worked on a few things then played some wii till they got home.  Then we went to Chelly’s for some awesome Mexican food with Stephen and Becky. We all dominated some chips and salsa and I ordered the Caliante Shrimp Burrito. It was like an overstuffed brick full of shrimp and cream cheese and peppers and beans and onions and cheese and served on a cast iron pan. Everyone elses food looked pretty good too. It was a challenge but I took down the whole burrito and we paid and got out of there.

Once home we had a little familly debate about our walk. A vote decided we would take Peanut’s bike to the trail and not drive the tractor around the block.

So we tossed Berry and the bike and the helmet and us in the truck and drove over to…

We headed east even though the trail ended shortly because Heath wanted to see the construction on the new trail.

Once we got close a guy on a 4 wheeler drove by and took the new trail. We talked about him breaking the rules on the trail and then decided to follow him and check out the new trail.

It went about 1/2 mile with nice concrete then turned into a muddy area they were still working on. It looks like it is going to be really nice when it is done and I hope they get at least some of it open before winter slows them down. Peanut enjoyed crossing a bridge over the river and looking at the construction equipment.

It’s starting to get dark quick now and we rushed back once we reached the end of the trail. Berry and Peanut were not wild about heading home but it was time and we eventually got them both in the car and headed home. Peanut took a quick shower since he gets sweaty head when he wears his helmet and he gets muddy hands when there is mud to be found.

Then we got him in bed and Heath and I took a new ’round’ of pregnancy pictures.

Then we settled in for a recorded 2 hour premier of House. After this and How I met your mother we headed to bed.



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3 Responses to Happy Birthday G-Off

  1. Ge-off says:

    the best present so far is my b-day being mentioned in the title of the post.  Thanks!

  2. Ge-off says:

    luckily for Ashley, I have not opened any presents from her yet so she still has a chance to beat you out for best present.

  3. Courtney says:

    I’m so excited for baby to be here!  Yeah!!

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