The Crib is Still Empty

I really didn’t think I would still be posting this morning

but nothing changed last night.

Peanut went to his dads last night so Heath and I were on our own. We were kind of tired and decided just to relax and build up our strength. After work I played a little wii while Heath read. She finished her book (2nd of 5) and we headed to the library to get the next one and then to Aldi for some milk a couple of other things. Once home I tossed some chips on a pan and covered them in all our leftovers from the week then melted some cheese on top. We fired up the TV and watched Son’s of Anarchy while we ate.
Then we walked a little under a mile. After the walk we got some ice cream and planted ourselves by the TV. We watched Parks and Rec

and the Office

and Fringe

and then 2 episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia.

I really enjoyed all the shows and then we went to bed.

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