Pumpkin’s Birth Story

Sure we went to the BBQ on Friday and a bunch of birthday parties and moving on Saturday and you can see pictures for them BBQ Here http://prewitt.smugmug.com/Competitions/american-royal/9845481_hfZCq#669566445_7KEhB
move Here http://prewitt.smugmug.com/Family/Kelly-and-Chris-House/9560842_wQbtU#643056401_FqrnX

But all I really want to talk about is Pumpkin.

Sunday morning at 4am Heath turned on the hall light and opened our door. This woke me and she let me know she was having contractions and they may be the real deal. I was kinda lazy and just poking around at first. She did not seem to be in pain or anything. As I woke up more I decided I needed coffee and and a shower and might as well get the dishes washed and a big thing of food and water ready for Berry. After my shower I loaded up our bag in the van and got the baby car seat and stuff in there. Of course I was checking on Heath pretty regularly too. After 5am she started to feel some pain and around 5:30 she hopped in the shower. Warm water is supposed to make pain feel less severe and she started getting increasingly worse or better depending on how you look at it. I started keeping time on contractions with the help of a website. By 6am we got Heather all dressed in spite of many breaks of her leaning against the wall and swaying as I pushed on her hips. At 6am I called Peanut’s dad and asked him to head this way. I got the cooler packed and added any other last minute things I could think of to the van. At 6:20 we woke Peanut up so he could hug Heath and wait for his dad on the couch. At 6:30 his dad picked him up and we made our way out.

We arived at the hospital at 6:45am and parked in the ER patient lot and headed in. A receptionist freaked a little when she heard Heath moaning and saw me piled high with gear. A labor nurse came with a wheel chair and took us to the first delivery room she could get to and started things. The next 40 minutes or so went by so fast. Heath changed and got on the table and the room quickly filled with nurses and lights and beeps and noises of pain from Heath. I hung out at her side doing as I was told and tried to encourage her to breath. We both overheard a nurse say something about being a complete 10 on the first check and we were encouraged. Heath asked if she could start pushing. The nurses all said NO the doctor is on the way but not here yet. and Heath said “WHAT THE HELL”. We all laughed and went back to helping her through the contractions. Shortly later the doc showed and got all in his gear and quickly broke Heath’s water. It was clear and everything was looking great acording to him. Heath was very eager to get to pushing and he was down with that. So we went through some directions and formed a plan. Heath would take in a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds. While holding she would grab the backs of her thighs and pull and push out with her mom muscles. Me and the nurses would count and cheer lead. Each contraction would have 3 of these 10 second pushes and then she would rest for a min or so. We had about 4 rounds of this then I could see a pruney thing down there. Heath wanted to push after the contraction and the doc said cool but we changed things up he just said push… stop… push… stop. She would push and he would move stuff around a bit then push again and I watched the little head take form with a squished little face. After a hard one the whole head was out and he turned her sideways the head slowly started turning from pink to red to blue then Heath pushed hard and she slid right out. We all took a breath and I saw it was a girl and told Heath.


I never would have thought I would have been so excited to see a little girl. Heath’s nurses moved her gown and Pumpkin was placed right on her chest. The nurses toweled them off and warmed her up and pinched the cord then I cut it. I thought it would be a simple snip but I had to work the scissors a bit to get through the cord.

(mini break from the story – i’m working on this post Sunday at 5:30pm sitting next to Heath’s bed and they both just fell asleep and I can hear them breathing)

Then a nurse moved the baby over 10 feet to warm her and measure and weigh and take prints and clean her give her bands and stuff. I followed pumpkin while Heath delivered the placenta and got stitched up and who knows what. I stood there holding Pumpkin’s little fist in a daze until the nurse asked if I had brought a camera. “Oh yeah, I forgot pictures” So I grabbed the camera and got this shot.

Then they measured her

and footprints

and all the other stuff then headed out so we could spend a little time with her. We didn’t get her for long before she went for tests and shots and a good cleaning. She got a 9 on some Apgar test and I hear that is really good. She had deep blue eyes right now and a little red hair but both may change.

We moved to a better room and set up shop. Pumpkin came back and ate a bunch then went to the nursery for more stuff. Then Peanut came to our room. He was so excited and when the nurses brought Pumpkin back he was thrilled to hold her with me.

Our new family hung out for the next few hours then we got a steady stream of visitors. Pumpkin has been eating really well, hardly cries at all so far, sleeps most of the time and has had 2 good poops. So Life is good for a baby.

Heath is doing really well and we are so thrilled with how things worked. We got a perfect baby in no time and she feels way better then after Peanut. However we will sleep good tonight.

The rest of the pics are up at http://prewitt.smugmug.com/Births/Baby-Issabella-Renee-Prewitt/9847079_4pDSQ#669703648_cyzuZ

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