Star Wars III had us Stunned

So my morning started out with cooking pancakes for Heath and Peanut then getting Peanut showered and to school. When I got home Heath and Pumpkin slept and I cleaned and then worked on the sink downstairs some and windows and attic insulation. At 11:30ish I started cooking speghetti and meatballs and Heath got up and took a shower. We ordered some 1 hour pictures from Walmart then went to get Peanut and the pics and a few other things.

Pumpkin slept for the whole car ride, the walmart trip, the ride home and then some. Once home Peanut and I headed to the wood pile and took care of the last of the wood.

This opened up the spot for the van.

Heath’s friend Julie and her mom came over for a visit and Peanut and I worked some more outside and cut up a bunch of old carpet so we could throw it away easier. I worked on random projects after that and he played Wii. Then we went for a bike ride.

It started raining so we didn’t go far. Once home I cooked us up some terriaki chicken stuff on rice.

We ate it and watched StarWars 3. Pumpkin was up for most of this just chilling out before another nap.

After the movie Peanut took a shower then we played a bit more wii then read a book and he went to bed. Then I worked on laundry and shower. Then played on computer till bed.


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