Nice Warm Baby Burrito

Wow really late post today I am sorry

I get lost with all the naps and feedings and baby talk and laundry and forget things like getting a post up.

So yesterday it was rainy. I got up first and got Peanut and put him in my place in bed then cooked up breakfast sandwiches. I used a jar lid to make circle eggs like mcdonalds and cooked up huge biscuits and some sausage patties and they were really good. We all ate breakfast in bed again then I took Peanut to school. Heath was asleep when I got home so I worked on laundry and took the tape off the sink I was painting and did some dishes and stuff. Then we got ready and headed to Isabella’s first dr appointment. It went really well and things all checked out good. We go back next week too.

After the doctor we came home and fed Pumpkin and changed out laundry and then headed back to Peanut’s school to pick him up. Once home Pumpkin ate again then Heath did some work and I cooked up a little lunch (cheese, rice, ham and corn mixed up).  Then Heath’s uncle came by to see Pumpkin and talk about website stuff. He is looking at getting a site put together and had some questions.

When he left we all gathered in the family room around 2 huge full yellow trash bags full of baby girl clothes. We sorted into 3 piles 0-3 months, 3-6 months and over 6 months. The over 6 pile went downstairs till Pumpkin grows and the other 2 piles went to the laundry to be washed in special baby detergent. I ran loads the rest of the night and filled 2 big laundry baskets.

Peanut and I started a fire in the fireplace and the family room got really warm. Peanut and I made a apple cobbler with fresh apples and cinamon.

Then I covered them in a mix of yellow cake mix, butter, honey and cinnamon.  We relaxed and Peanut took a bath and I got the dinning room table all set up then my brother, his friend Courtney, my mom, and Mike came over. They made googley eyes and noises at Pumpkin till she fell asleep then we stuffed ourselves with lasagna salad and bread. Then I cooked up the apple cobbler and we ate it and cheese cake and pumpkin pie.

We hung out till Peanut’s bedtime then he cooked a marshmallow and headed to bed.

Everyone left and Heath and I relaxed on the couch and watched tv till I we were tired.

This morning I cooked up cinamon sugar pretzles and we ate breakfast in bed, then I took Peanut to school and got back in bed for a nap with Pumpkin and Heath. When we woke up we hung out in bed watchin always sunny then took showers and ate lasagna leftovers. We folded all Heath’s, Peanut’s and my laundry. Later today we are going to the library, giving Pumpkin a bath and putting away all her clothes.

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  1. thePrewitt says:

    I meant to say something in the post about visiting us. We love visitors, if you have some free time give me a call or text or something but usually we are just hanging out and would love the company.

  2. The Mrs. says:

    The apple cinnamon cobbler was delicious!  It was kinda like a dutch oven one we eat when camping, but maybe more delicious because it had a hint of honey.  Amazing what some apples, a box of yellow cake mix, cinnamon, and some butter can do!

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