Staying Home Meeting my Daughter

We were in bed for like 12 hours last night so today is late again. It may be late all week unless I get up early or post the night before. The weekend was pretty easy to wrap up. Friday Pumpkin got a bath

She did really well. She seemed a little confused but didn’t cry till we dried her off. We still can’t get her umbilical cord wet so it was a weird/fast sponge bath.  We just drizzled water over her and wiped it around with a washcloth. In a few weeks the cord is supposed to fall off and we can give her a regular bath. She was uneasy and maybe cold during the bath and once we had her out on a towel she let loose.

But once she was toweled off and dry and warm she was back to her curious self.

Surprisingly she didn’t go potty during this whole time with no diaper. She seems to be pooping and peeing like crazy now. Most of the time when I am changing her she has to go mid change and I have to scramble to get something under her. Also she has quickly become a pro at farts. Before she was pooping she started farting and has not stopped. She is puffing out cute little rotten egg farts every few minutes it seems. Supposedly this is a good thing so she does not get upset with gas aches.

Friday I went to Ugly Joes with Jon and Tony for a quick beer then hung at home and Heath’s friend Audry came by. Saturday we parked ourselves on the couch all day. I started a roast early and let it simmer all day. First Heath’s sisters came to visit and eat biscuits potatoes and gravy with us.

Then Jon and Amanda came over to visit and brought a pizza. We hung out for a while then they headed out and Kelly and Chris came by to see Pumpkin while out dryer shopping.

We lit a nice fire and just hung out in the family room all day and evening.

Sunday I got up kinda early and cleaned up the stuff on the deck for the winter and cleaned out the garage and moved stuff to the attic and mopped the kitchen and put together a chili. At 11 or so Heath got up and we dressed Pumpkin.

We were determined not to spend the day on the couch. We wanted to walk Pumpkin around the warm mall in her stroller and around Wal-mart and find ways to keep us busy. Heath’s abs had their own agenda and after getting out of bed and going to the bathroom she hobbled back to bed in terrible pain. I could tell it was bad and after giving it a few minutes I got Pumpkin in the car seat and put shoes on Heath and we loaded up in the truck and headed to the ER.

I dropped Heath at the door then parked and brought Pumpkin in. We checked in and found some good seats for nursing and watching the chiefs game and parked our butts for the next 3 HOURS. The ER was pretty busy and scary as many of them looked to have Swine Flu or some other transferable sickness that could be bad for a newborn. Heath started feeling better and better and after 2 hours we discussed heading home but did not want to start over if the pain came back. About the end of the 4th quarter we got into the ER and found out she needed tests. Neither of us had eaten or drank anything and I was starting to feel bad myself. Plus all the worrying about Pumpkin and the germs was rough. We kept her snug away in her car seat and covered with blankets away from everyone and luckily she did great and slept the whole time.

Heath was feeling pretty good and the tests showed that all the important stuff was ok. She did have a little infection and they got her a perscription for it. I was so glad she was ok. So after an hour and a half in the actual ER they said they would release us. Pumpkin had been sleeping so hard we had left her alone but we could not ignore the stink and got her up for a diaper change.

She was a mess but we got her taken care of and fed and waited another 30 minutes to get out of the hospital.

We drove strait to McDonalds for some double cheese burgers 2 large waters and 1 large power aid. We engulfed the burgers and downed 2 of the drinks then went into Wal-mart. We were worn out but Heath needed a prescription and we already had a list of stuff we needed so we drank our last water and slowly browsed the store while waiting for the drugs.

We got out after about 30minutes and headed home. I was sure my chili was ruined but actually it was great. I had skipped hamburger and used roast deer instead and it worked really well.

We ate and relaxed for a bit then broke out some vanilla ice cream and the last of the apple cobbler and polished it off. Heath immediately fell asleep on the couch and I woke her up and suggested bed. It was not even 8 yet but she was game. We got settled and Pumpkin fed and turned off the tv at 8:30 and were out.

Pumpkin had a long stretch of being awake from like 2-3am and I know she ate at like 10:30 and it felt really late but normally we would just be getting ready for bed. This morning we had cereal at like 9am and took our time showering and eating and getting dressed. Heath and Pumpkin went to a nursing support group class at 11 and left me home to vacuum, laundry duty and work on my to do list. We have a dr visit this afternoon for Heath and another for Pumpkin tomorrow.



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