Growing Baby

We had an early morning yesterday, well not really that early but it felt like it. Pumpkin had a doctor apointment at 10:45 and we had a tough time getting there, we were 10 minutes late. I got up plenty early but worked on my post then had to rush to get me Pumpkin and Heath all clean and dressed and back to the hospital. I think whenever you are late they make you wait extra long just for payback but we did get into the room eventually and got Pumpkin undressed and ready for an exam.

First the nurse checked her out and her temp and everything was normal. When Pumpkin was born she weighed 7lbs 14oz but babies loose weight the first few days and when we left the hospital she was 7lbs 7oz. Once they start eating well they gain around an ounce a day. Yesterday was 1 week out of the hospital and she was up to 8lbs and 4 oz, so 13 ounces more in 7 days.

We asked the doctor about her dry skin and hiccups and found that both were normal and not much we could do about them.

Then we headed home and all of us ate a good lunch. I cooked some Ittalian pasta stuff for us and Pumpkin had breastmilk. Then we headed over to my grandparents house for a visit.

We had intended to just stop in to say hi and let my Grandpa meet Pumpkin but ended up saying almost 2 hours visiting with them. They were super excited to see the baby and tell us about how things were with babies in their day. Pumpkin fell asleep on the way over and stayed asleep the whole time. We were feeling pretty good so when we left we headed to Ward Parkway Mall to go for a walk in the warm building. We soon discovered this mall is tiny and a really boring walk. We made a few loops then headed into the target there and made a few loops. I was worried about our walk turning into a shopping spree as we passed all the specials and stuff but we managed to escape with only some Franks Wing Sauce.

(they don’t sell this at Aldi)

Pumpkin slept for the whole walk and stayed sleeping when we got home. Heath had sleepy looking eyes and I was fairly sure they were both going to take a nap.  Before Heath fell asleep we decided to change and feed Pumpkin because she was bound to get up sooner or later.

We cleaned her up and fed her then she fell back asleep on Heath’s lap and they rested a while. I cooked up some blueberry muffins and changed the sheets on the bed. I didn’t get back to the oven before the timer went off and it got Heath up to take them out of the oven.

We ate some warm muffins and decided we were hungry for dinner too. We had some big bowls of salad and garlic bread and stuffed meatball sandwiches with 4 turkey meatballs each with melted cheese and a thick mariara sauce with lots of onion, mushroom and garlic. It was pretty tasty and filling.

Thats about it for the night. Once stuffed and on the couch we were done for. Pumpkin slept most of the evening and Heath napped too and we looked for stuff on the tv. We watched some of Rain Man but got bored and eventually went to bed.





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  1. Ding says:

    Victoria gets the hiccups about once a day…the best is when she hiccups and farts at the same time.

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