Today is my last day of vacation

Probably should act like Pumpkin.

I got up and worked on my post and some pictures and Triathlon T-Shirt Designs.

 frontdemo back demo
(work in progress, I’d love suggestions)

Then I headed upstairs and Heath was up feeding Pumpkin. Amanda was headed over to visit and wanted to do lunch. It was afternoon but we had not done breakfast so we ate breakfast for lunch. I took Pumpkin and got a big pan of potatoes frying while Heath showered and got ready. Then I took a shower and Amanda was over. The girls all hung out and I mixed in onion and mushroom then filled a pan with black beans, velveta and salsa to pour over the potatoes then fried up bacon and eggs to toss on top. They turned into some nice hearty breakfast piles.

After lunch Amanda headed out and Pumpkin fell asleep so Heath and I did a big part of our Home Energy Audit. We left all the doors and windows closed but turned on the attic fan and any other exhaust fans we had. This forced the fans to suck air from outside the house in through any cracks and holes it could find. Then Heath and I worked our way around every room in the house with a container of water and blue painters tape.

with a wet hand it was easy to feel any air moving. Heath found the spots and I stuck a piece of tape on them so we knew where to come back to. Lots of our power outlets and switches had quite a draft and this spot in our family room and all our recessed lights had a draft. We found some windows with storm windows gone or not closed and were amazed at the differences the make. The internet said to imagine you are not feeling warm air getting out but dollar bills getting out. The draft test went quicker then I expected and most of the fixes should not be bad. The one above will be the trickiest to take care of.

After the audit I took a bunch of notes and made plans big and small for taking care of all the little tape marks. Then I hopped in the truck and headed over to Geoff’s old house while Heath worked on daycare stuff. Geoff and I put a big load in a small truck bed. 

Then we hauled it and his explorer load to his new house and unloaded it there. I got a tour of the great new house then headed back to check on my little ladies. I helped Heath work on daycare stuff while she fed Pumpkin then my sister came by. We had gotten Year One from the red box the day before and popped it in so we could watch it before it was due back.

It was just ok but we were talking some during it and not paying a lot of attention. After the movie I made hoagies.

bun, mayo, mustard, bacon, grilled chicken, onions, mushrooms, Swiss, turkey, tomato, spinach, cedar, garlic butter, bun. With salad, cottage cheese and peas on the side. It was pretty awesome. Good tv was on too so we had a tough time moving from the couch after dinner but eventually I did escape to take back the movie. Then we moved on to the bed room.  Pumpkin had been sleeping a lot in the afternoon and early evening so she was ready to eat and snuggle and not sleep.

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