Big Brother is Home

The last two weeks have all kind of blurred together. I’ll try to remember what has gone on since Friday and pick out the best stuff. Friday night all of us went to Jon and Amanda’s basement and had a great time. Pumpkin slept almost the whole time. I got to play some sort of cross between volleyball, tennis and soccer that was a lot of fun and Heath got ice cream.

We all stayed up late and tried to sleep in. Unfortunately the radio station had other plans for me and called me in for some help. Once home I cooked up some breakfast sandwiches and watched some TV with KK and Chiaki. Heath’s mom showed up to see Pumpkin and Peanut. We ended up taking a walk. I don’t think we did anything exciting the rest of the day but Pumpkin had trouble getting to sleep and it made for a late night for Heath and I. Yesterday I got up and got busy on the house. I had lots of little pieces of blue painters tape all over the place and in order to take them down I needed to fix some sort of draft/air leak. Most of these were on outlets and switches and easily fixed with litle foam pieces under the plastic.

I did have some gaps around these and in other places that I had to add some great stuff

I also used this on a bunch of windows and other gaps and broke out some caulk for a few spots.

We all had cereal for breakfast and Peanut spent the morning watching Star Wars 2 again. After my projects and the movie we watched 1/2 the chiefs game. Then headed to the Great Mall for a birthday party for Peanut. After the party we worked on dinner and baths. First Peanut took a bath while I cooked then we all ate, then we got Pumpkin ready for a bath.

Peanut was pretty excited about being involved in such an important task and really did a good job helping to wash Pumpkin. We use warm water but can’t get in on her belly button so we have to hurry so she does not get too cold.

Heath and Peanut got the front all clean, esp her stinky feet then cleaned off her back.

Once all clean we quickly wrap her up in a towel and give her some Pappy warmth.

Then we laid her down and all helped to moisturize her skin with baby lotion.

Then she was dressed for bed and ready to eat again. Peanut started teaching her the alphabet and words that start with each letter before bed and Heath and I watched some more football. We finished the chiefs game during dinner so started on some college football from Saturday.

#77 there is Heath’s cousin Jerad that she lived with during high school.

Once Peanut was in bed we followed shortly behind him and folded the last of our laundry so we are set for the next 2 weeks on laundry. Then we went to bed really early but got up at like 11 for Pumpkin.


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